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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Digital Meltd0wn Blogroll

IMPORTANT NEWS: This list has become longer than I anticipated, so I have decided to create a separate blog devoted entirely to the blogroll. The url to the new blogroll is:


All new blogs will be added the the new blogroll, and I will no longer continue to update the list here. Please update your bookmarks and links and see this post for more information.

Blog Aggregators/Lists:
Totally Fuzzy
Mega Mammoth

RegnYouth Archives
Electric Mud
What Fucked You?
A Closet of Curiosities
The Sky Moves Sideways

Cylinder Preservation Project |Early Cylinder Recordings|
Manson Music |The Music of Charles Manson|

Movie & Television Soundtracks/Scores:
Soundtracks Lover
The Crime Lounge |Retro|Crime|Thriller|Spy|
Inferno Music Crypt
You Don't Have To Visit This Blog
Modern Man's Rare Soundtrack Warehouse

Hear Rock City
Pink Kraut |Pink Floyd|
The Ultimate Bootleg Experience
Ape Shall Never Kill Ape

Rock - 60/70's:
The World Is Only One
Time Traveller
Ezhevika Fields |Prog|Psych|Folk|Garage|Great Variety|
Garden of Sounds
Chris Goes Rock |Prog|Psych|Great Variety|
Floodlit Footprint |Prog|Folk|
Akashaman's Kosmos |Pop|Psych|Folk

Rock - General:
C-60 Low Noise |Punk|Garage|
Shakin' All Over

Punk/Hardcore Rock:
PunchDrunk |On Hiatus|
7 Inch Punk
Punk Tapes |Rare|International|Tape Rips|On Hiatus|
Bleedin' Out |MP3 Downloads|
Annie's Animal
Nuzz Prowling Wolf
Punk Not Profit
Nothing But Trash
Outside My Scene
Thee Head Vein
Suburban Terror
Born In The Basement
Hangover Heart Attack
Killed By Death Records |Rare|7" Vinyl Rips|MP3 Downloads|
Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times
Only In It For the Music

Garage Rock:
Ausrock |Garage|Punk|
O Canadarm!
Garage Hangover |45s|MP3 Downloads|
Canco!! I Hate Rock N' Roll

MetalDlz |Metal|Hardcore|Punk|
Lo-Res Viscera |Doom|Death|Black|Hardcore|
Mundo Charles Manson |Thrash|Black|Symphonic|
Metal Is The Law |Black|Doom|Thrash|Symphonic|
Lestat-Metal Union |Black|Death|Symphonic|Melodic|
IronClad Metal Music |Categorized List Format|
Death Metal Invasion
Under Fire Metal Radio |Spanish Language|
From Sudamerica With Hate |South American Metal|

The Undercover Man
Proggy's World
Prog Not Frog |Psych|Folk|
8 Days In April |Psych|Folk|
Sakalli |Psych|Folk|Space|
Rare & Vintage |Flac Format|

Manson Music
Lost In Tyme
HeavyPsychMan |Heavy Psych|Prog|
FM Shades |Folk|Space|Noise|Strange|
Psychedelic Lion |Garage|Pop|Folk|On Hiatus|
Anthem of the Space

Folk Yourself |Celtic|
Cukoo's Nest
Italian Folk Music |Italian|
Garden of Earthly Delights |Psych|Pop|Garage|

TuneLuvinJacket's Favorite Stuff
Retro Remixes |Pop|Dance|80s|
Eternally Yours |Power-Pop|Garage|France|Australia|
Raw Like Sashimi |Pop|Power-Pop|Garage|Punk|
Power Pop Criminals |Rare|Power-Pop|Indie|
PVAc to 44.1kHz |Power-Pop|New Wave|
The 60s, 70s.. of Power Pop |Power-Pop|

TWILIGHTZONE! |Rockabilly|Garage|Surf|
Pzycho Graveyard |Psychobilly|
Redondo Round Up

Trustar Vibrations
EekTheCat |On Hiatus|
Fat City Cigar Lounge |Surf|Psychobilly|Experimental|
Endless Summer |On Hiatus|

No Hits
Robin Hood of Indie Music

Electronic - Rock/Experimental/Noise:
No Data
Tonton Manhood
Radio Alphawellen |Ambient|Noise|Experimental|
We Are Monsters
The Thing on the Doorstep

Electronic - Dance/Techno/Trance:
Sick Mix
Secret Music Box

P.Q.P. Bach
Musica Coolta |On Hiatus|
On An Overgrown Path

Blues Town |Blues|
Shindiggit |Soul|70s|45s|
Baby Grandpa
Soul Beats |Soul|
Oufar Khan |Soul|Funk|Jazz|
White Boy Blues |Blues|
Soul Detective |Soul|
Soul Crates |Soul|Funk|Jazz|Reggae|
Brown Eyed Handsome Man
On The Outside Looking In |Soul|
An Overdose of Fingal Cocoa |Blues|Jazz|Electronic|Prog|

Reggae En Malaga
You And Me On A Jamboree

Orgy In Rhythm
Yes To Jazz
My Jazz World
Pharaoh's Dance |Soul|Funk|
Orgy In Rhythm
Singin' & Swingin' |Retro|Lounge|

Rap Dungeon
Rap Repertoire |Discogs|
Bust the Facts
Bust the Facts 2
To The Break of Dawn
Original Underground Hip Hop
The Hip Hop Collection
Underground Hip Hop Collection

Ausrock |Garage|Punk|
Aussie Funk |Jazz|Funk|Soul|Rock|
Aus Rock From the 1970's

Um Que Tenha
Soul Spectrum |Soul|Funk|
Samba e MPB
Unbreakable Microgrooves'

Jajaah |Rock|Pop|Blues|Prog|Folk|Great Variety|
Pepanito |Latin Jazz|Salsa|
Na Bula Bula |Classical|Jazz|Rock|Gypsy|
¿Revolucion, No? |Latin|African|Jazz|Funk|
We Love Music
Planeta Musical |Folk|Jazz|Celtic|Blues|Soul|
Republica de Fiume |Brazil|Latin|Jazz|Funk|Soul|
Rock Progressivo Portugues [Portuguese|Rock|Prog]
Pathway to Unknown Worlds
Krautrockteam |German|Krautrock|
Japan Underground |Japan|
Kiwi Tapes |New Zealand Rock|
Dutch Nuggets
With Comb & Razor |Africa|

I would also like to thank the wonderful people who run the Mega Super Mammoth MP3 Blog List, Totally Fuzzy, and XChannel. Without them this list would have been much harder to complete. You can find links to their respective sites in the sidebar.


Zer0_II said...

I've decided to create a separate blog for this blogroll. I will continue to update this blogroll post until further notice, but I thought it would be nice to devote a blog entirely to the blogroll considering it has become so long.
The blogroll mirror can be found here:


Toxxy said...

Hey Zer0, nice idea with that Blogroll of yours.

As you might know, Babbler and I are now over at the "Shakin' All Over!" blog... ("Re-upped!" died...):


We post everything we like (and some we don't like that much!), that be rock, punk, new wave, blues, heavy, garage, southern rock etc. If you make a category maybe called "Rock (general)" or something like that, you can put us in there.

Cheers & thx buddy :-)


Zer0_II said...

Hey Toxxy! It's good to see you again. I'm sorry to hear about Re-Upped. I'll be sure to add Shakin' All Over! to the blogroll sometime tomorrow. If you post more of one genre than any other, then I'll add it there and note the other genres that are posted there. I might also start a General Rock category. We'll see how it goes. Take care...

HiFidiot said...

hey mate,

perfect blog and big aggregator here! could you also put me into the blogroll?


herr m.