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Monday, March 07, 2011

Zero Hour - Zero Hour EP (1994)


øשlqæda said...

holy shiite. i think i still have this one somewheres. wonder if it's worth anything :)

Strange Ranger said...

That's fine, it is yours to do with as you please. I will remind you what the back of the record sleeve says though: "The price of this E.P. should never exceed $3.00. There is no copyright. We recommend making as many copies as you can. If anyone partakes in the overpricing of this vinyl, they are doing it against our will. This system thrives on tainting creativity w/ capitalism, we're asking you not to make us part of that. If anyone sees this vinyl for a 'heavy' price, we fully encourage you to steal it... if you can't steal it, break it. FUCK THIS SYSTEM OF GREED"


Thanks SR for this one.

I was living in San Jose,CA at the time (that's where Apeface were from - good friends) & saw Zero Hour at several show. Great live crust extreme.

Glad you included the warning for øשlqæda. FUCK THIS SYSTEM OF GREED indeed.

Zer0_II said...

@Strange Ranger: I love the statement on the back of the album. That just increased my love for this album a great deal. I finally had the opportunity to listen to it a few hours ago, and immediately listened to it 3 more times. Fuck this system of greed indeed. I believe that this album provides a perfect transition from some of the albums we have been posting in honor of the Middle Eastern and North African revolutionaries, who are uprising against a tyrannical system motivated by greed and power.

Strange Ranger said...

@NØ: Oh man, you saw them live! I am so jealous.

@Zer0_II: I have done exactly the same thing. It's over so soon, I just want to hear it again.
Agreed, it goes with the revolution theme splendidly. Even the band's name fits.

Kevin said...

I saw Zero Hour perform (most during practice) a few times too. I don't remember them playing out a lot...they weren't around that long. Over the years, I've wondered what happened to Ian, Whisper/Deena, and Steven. It's hard to make it in this world if you have tattoos on your face...unless you're on GA or spanging.

I half expected to see them here: