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Monday, May 07, 2007

Marty Friedman - Music For Speeding

Marty Friedman has been around for what seems like ages, and through the years has released numerous albums, either as a solo artist, or in bands such as Megadeath and Cacophony. "Music For Speeding" shows Friedman in excellent shape but more importantly: Friedman shows a good understanding of songwriting here as well! And that's a key ingredient to making an amazing instrumental album.

I myself am definitely the kinda guy who prefers a full band *including* singer, but on "Music For Speeding" I don't miss vocals for a minute. On songs like "Lovesorrow" Friedman actually manages to make his guitar sing. You can fill in the words yourself. This goes for "Corazon De Santiago" as well, by the way.

The album has a very up-to-date sound. Take "Nastymachine" as an example. I suppose there's a fair bit of sequencing going on here, but the manner in which Friedman implements his ultracool leads here is amazing. And check out the bass here too (Barry Sparks). This dude is doing some very cool grooving on this track. Cheergirl Rampage is by far my favorite track on this album. It's a very upbeat song, and sounds as if techno and metal collided head on, with a favorable outcome.

If you are wondering if a veteran like Friedman has gained some serious competition these days; well yes - he has. But trust me. Friedman can shred with all the newcomers and then some! Nothing but respect for Marty and his amazing Music For Speeding.
(Year of Release: 2003)

Track List:
1. Gimmie A Dose
2. Fuel Injection Stingray
3. Ripped
4. It's The Unreal Thing
5. Cheer Girl Rampage
6. Lust For Life
7. Lovesorrow
8. Nastymachine
9. Catfight
10. Corazon De Santiago
11. 0-7-2
12. Salt In The Wound
13. Novocaine Kiss

Download: Marty Friedman - Music For Speeding (64.4MB)