Monday, January 10, 2011

VA - Espace Et Actualité (Musique Pour L'Image - MPI 505) (1967 - 320kbps)

VA - Espace Et Actualité (Musique Pour L'Image - MPI 505) (1967 - 320kbps)


dispo said...

I'm very excited about your promises of future library-posts, or even better, whole series of posts! Thanks!

Strange Ranger said...

Grabbed this and Fantasmagories. Listening to Fantasmagories right now. It's killer. I love it.

dispo said...

I'm soo looking forward to your new library series!

Anonymous said...

anyone who enjoys house o' frightenstein, should check out robert hermel's track "industrie spatiale"!!! its th' actual theme to th' librarian segment o' th' show! when i listened to it this mornin', my brain actually dripped out my ears!!! MIND-BLOWIN'!!! i've finally found it!!!MANY THANX!!!

fatih said...

link is works but download is not. I am trying to download but only 4kb downloading. can you fix it?


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