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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Crushed Butler - Uncrushed

Special thanks to the Green Fuzz blog for originally posting this. It's a great blog so if you like this please take the time to visit it.

Usually when music writers throw around the phrase "proto-punk" it doesn't mean to much, but this is the true thing right here. Very few bands managed to fill the post-73-Stooges, pre-76-Ramones void that was the sputtering dying hippie dream of peace, love, and paisley pants. Sure their was Glam, and Prog, and some tough-as-nails rock'n'roll, but not much really that matched the mountain of fuzz and nothing-to-loose attitude that the Stooges has established as far back as '69.

Not so, as this absolutely killer 6 song E.P. of unreleased demo recording clearly shows. Apparently recorded over the course of 3 years in 3 different studios, Crushed Butler learned the had way that being way ahead of your time usually means no one understands you. Subsequently, you won't be appreciated, you won't make money, and you'll be kicked out onto your asses before you even get started.

Legend has it that when drummer Darryl Read, guitarist Jesse Hector, and bassist Allen Butler were invited to record EMI studios on a wave of local success, they were graciously brought in on limousine, but after laying down a few tracks of their gnarly working class street-skum anthem "Factor Grime," were then less then graciously given the boot and had to ride the subway back home.

The drums are relentless, the guitar moronically-brilliant, the vocals strained and desperate. PERFECT! All the songs are scorchers, even "Love is All Around Me" which sounds weak but isn't. "Love Fighter" is a slow dirge number, but still heavy-as-shit and thick-as-bricks. "High School Dropout" is a bit more standard I-V-IV rocker like Back in the USA era MC5.
(Year of Release: 1970)

Track List:
1. It's My Life
2. Factory Grime
3. Love Is All Around Me
4. My Son's Alive
5. Love Fighter
6. School Dropout

Download: Crushed Butler - Uncrushed (38.4MB)


Anonymous said...

dude.. you need to fix the link. thx :)

Zer0_II said...

It's fixed. I was in the process of uploading the album and editing the post when you tried to click on it. If it happens again just be patient.

Anonymous said...

Great Zer0, thx so much :)

And may I just say that's it a real treat for us downloaders that you're upping via Sharebee...NICE :)

Anonymous said...

Two guys from Crushed Butler - Jesse Hector & Alan Butler - went on to form the pub rock/early punk band The Hammersmith Gorillas/Gorillas.

Some of those early CB songs made it to be recorded by the Gorillas - see the "Messege To The World" CD release on Damaged Goods out of the UK.