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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bonnaroo 2007

I'll be leaving in a couple of days to work at the Bonnaroo festival. I'm going to be working for an organization called Clean Vibes, which cleans up all the trash produced, while I'm there. I can't put into words here how excited I am about being able to attend this. I've lived a bit of a sheltered life up until this point, and this will be my first major concert of any type. I'm going to be in complete heaven, as any music lover would be. I'm sure I'll see a lot of great performances while I'm there, and discover a few artists that I'm unfamiliar with. The crowd is expected to be around 100,000 people, which will make it by far the largest crowd of any type that I've ever been around also. I'm sure it will be a surreal experience when I set eyes on that sea of people for the first time. The workers have a monumental task ahead of us. Last year over 550 tons of trash were cleaned up at the festival. I believe I'll be working 12 hour shifts for 14 days straight, and I'm sure I'll be exhausted when the task is finished. I should return home by the 27th of June, and I'll resume posting albums shortly after. In the meantime be sure to check out the other great music blogs which are listed in the sidebar, and here are a few buttons for your convenience if you would like to bookmark this site or subscribe to the feed so you can check back later for updates.

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Edit: Couldn't Leave Without Sharing This With You All
I don't normally share things like this on this blog, but I couldn't resist sharing this with you all before I leave. This should give you all something to enjoy while I'm gone..


This site might not last long considering the mass blatant copyright infringement and all, so enjoy it while you can. There's more movies than you can shake a stick at on here.. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Swingin' Neckbreakers - Shake Break!

I apologize for the recent delay in updates. I've been doing a lot of working and hiking lately and I had to get some much needed rest. I've decided to kick things back off with a high energy band by the name of the Swingin' Neckbreakers. This was originally posted by Toxxy on the skafunkrastapunk forum (link is in the sidebar).

Shake Break!, the Swingin' Neckbreakers' second lp, was unleashed on an eager public in September of 1995. The album features powerful originals like "Wait" and "The Answer Is No"; "Action Kid" offers a poppier approach to the Neckbreakers' sound. The band continues to choose cover material from diverse sources: garage rock is represented by "That's The Way My Love Is" (The Trolls), among others, while one of the Neckbreakers' most popular live numbers, Glen Barber's "Ice Water," began life as a western swing tune. The trio also pays tribute to Rock 'n' Roll icons Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Bobby Fuller.
(Year of Release: 1995)

Track List:
01. Wait
02. Mighty Mack
03. Ice Water
04. That's The Way My Love Is
05. Help Wanted
06. Shakedown
07. The Answer Is No
08. I Wanna Be Your Driver
09. Action Kid
10. I'm In Love With Me
11. You're Gonna Make Me
12. A Thousand Times A Day
13. Get Down On Your Knees
14. The Girl Can't Help It
15. Brown-Eyed Girl

Download: Swingin' Neckbreakers - Shake Break! (67.5MB)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fu Manchu - Eatin' Dust

I thought that I would post this album since the Man's Ruin label is going out of business, and this album is out of print now.
After releasing Fu Manchu's remake of Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla" as a 10-inch vinyl single in 1998, Man's Ruin released their sixth album Eatin' Dust CD in February 1999. Eatin' Dust featured eight tracks: five brand new recordings plus all three cuts from 'Godzilla'. Greatly influenced by the heavy metal of the early '70s, this CD offers a stripped down, garage-like approach to classic metal and steers clear of pop gloss. Fu Manchu was once referred to as "the band for those who miss Kyuss". Though not entirely inaccurate (No One Rides For Free, the band's debut, sounds a bit like Kyuss' debut, Wretch), labelling the band as a Kyuss clone does not do them justice. Fu Manchu do have a 70's stoner groove influence, but their songs are more straightforward and lack the drawn-out psychedelics of the later Kyuss albums. Nonetheless, they are as influential and representative of stoner rock as any band out there. From "Godzilla" to forceful originals like "Eatin' Dust," "Mongoose" and "Module Overload," Eatin' Dust recalls '70s metal with pleasing results.

Track List:
1. Godzilla
2. Module Overload
3. Living Legend
4. Eatin' Dust
5. Shift Kicker
6. Orbiter
7. Mongoose
8. Pigeon Toe

Download: Fu Manchu - Eatin' Dust (31.2MB)