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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sixties Archives - Volumes 1-8

I posted this back in 2007 but a few of the download links have died since then. I also noticed that I neglected to write any type of description, so I can only assume that I posted this during a very busy time in my life. Apparently times haven't changed much since then, as I still have precious little time on my hands, but I'll offer up this short review for those of you who haven't had a chance to listen to this collection:

The Sixties Archives collection compiles a broad selection of proto-punk, garage rock, and psychedelic tracks from the 60's, with the majority of the bands featured being obscure. The collection is spread out over eight discs, each of which focuses on a particular regional scene in the United States. Those of you who are aficionados of underground 60's rock might recognize a few of the bands scattered throughout; however, there are several bands which are unique to this collection, as well as previously unreleased tracks from some of the more well known artists. This is comparable to the legendary Nuggets series which I'm sure most of you are familiar with, and although the overall quality doesn't equal that of Nuggets, it outshines the overwhelming majority of the 60's rock compilations that I've listened to thus far.

Volume 1 - The Sounds of the Sixties:

Track List:
1. Count Five - You Must Believe Me
2. Question Mark & the Mysterians - Smokes
3. Syndicate of Sound - Little Girl
4. Five Americans - I See the Light
5. Kim Fowley - The Trip
6. Rivieras - California Sun
7. We the People - You Burn Me Up and Down
8. Creation - That's How Strong My Love Is
9. Shake Spears - The Shake Spear (2:46)
10. Belfast Gypsies/Them - The Gorilla (1:50)
11. Sir Henry & His Butlers - Giddy Up a Ding Dong (2:46)
12. Animals - Talkin' About You (3:01)
13. Nashville Teens - Find My Way Back Home (2:26)
14. Maze - I'm So Glad (3:39)
15. Sorrows - You've Got What I Want (2:00)
16. Hairy Ones - Get Off of My Cloud (2:33)
17. T-Bones - I'm a Lover Not a Fighter (2:34)
18. Primitives - Oh Mary (2:08)
19. Yardbirds - Baby What's Wrong (2:45)
20. Ingoes - In the Midnight Hour (2:38)
21. Episode Six - I Can See Through You (3:27)
22. Mojo Men - Dance with Me (2:32)
23. Music Explosion - 96 Tears (2:37)
24. Trashmen - Kuk (2:06)
25. Electric Prunes - Ain't It Hard (2:15)
26. Mitch Ryder - Turn On Your Lovelight (3:38)
27. Vejtables - I Still Love You (2:26)
28. Other Half - Mr. Pharmacist (2:32)

Download: Sixties Archives - Volume 1 (93.3MB)

Volume 2 - Texas Punk:

Track List:
1. Undertakers - Unchain My Heart
2. Undertakers - It's My Time
3. Society - High and Mighty
4. Society - Summer Sunset
5. Cynics - You're a Better Man Than I
6. Cynics - Train Kept a-Rollin'
7. Blue Things - Twist and Shout
8. Blue Things - Ain't That Lovin' You, Baby
9. Chessmen - I Need You There
10. Chessmen - Sad
11. Them - Dirty Old Man (at the Age of Sixteen)
12. Them - But It's Alright
13. Outcasts - 1523 Blair
14. Outcasts - Smokestack Lightning
15. Mouse & the Traps - I Satisfy
16. Mouse & the Traps - Good Times
17. Coastliners - I'll Be Gone
18. Coastliners - Alright
19. Y'Alls - Please Come Back
20. Status Quo - They All Want Her Love
21. Reddlemen - I'm Gonna Get in That Girl's Mind
22. Passions - Lively One
23. Pirates - Cuttin' Out
24. Circus - Bad Seed
25. Kempy & the Guardians - Love for a Price
26. Continentals - I'm Gone
27. Pack - Baby I Ask You Why
28. Danny & the Counts - You Need Love

Download: Sixties Archives - Volume 2 (77.8MB)

Volume 3 - Louisiana Punk:

Track List:
1. Better Half Dozen - I'm Gonna Leave You
2. Better Half Dozen - I Could Have Loved Her
3. Threshold of Sound - She's Mine
4. Little Bits - Girl Give Me Love
5. Echoes of Carnaby Street - No Place or TIme
6. Jimmy & the Offbeats - Miracle Worler
7. Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion - Tryin' to Mess My Mind
8. Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion - She's the One
9. Tiaras - Sticks and Stones
10. Roamin' Togas - Bar the Door
11. Young Men - Go Away Girl
12. Souls of the Slain - 7 and 7 Is
13. Souls of the Slain - Can't Go On
14. Bad Roads - Too Bad
15. Bad Roads - Blue Girl
16. Persian Market - Flash in the Pan
17. Playgue - I Gotta Be Goin'
18. Bad Boys - Love
19. Ron Gray & the Countdowns - No More
20. Gaunga Dyns - Stick with Her
21. Gaunga Dyns - No One Cares
22. One Way Street - Tears in My Eyes
23. One Way Street - See the Light
24. Surrealistic Pillar - I Like Girls
25. Bad Roads - Till the End of the Day
26. Moon Dawgs - Keep On Pushing
27. Joe DeGrinda - Smokestack Lightning
28. Satans - Makin' Deals
29. Satans - Lines and Squares

Download: Sixties Archives - Volume 3 (76.5MB)

Volume 4 - Florida & New Mexico Punk

Track List:
1. Tasmanians - Baby
2. Tasmanians - Love, Love, Love
3. Plastic Blues Band - Gone
4. Plastic Blues Band - Dead Seed
5. Mark Markham & the Jesters - Goin' Back to Marlboro Country
6. Mark Markham & the Jesters - I Don't Need You
7. Talula Babies - Hurtin' Kind
8. Talula Babies - Mine Forever
9. Mons - Empty Heart
10. Mons - Sweets for My Sweets
11. Esquires - Heartaches Stay the Night
12. Esquires - Heat
13. Palace Guards - No Comin' Back
14. Palace Guards - Gas Station Boogaloo Downtown
15. Shy Guys - Black Lightning Light
16. Kreeg - How Can I
17. The Kreeg - Impressin'
18. Ear of Sound - Girl in the Miniskirt
19. Burgundy Runn - Stop
20. Plague - Go Away
21. Movin' Morfomen - Run Girl Run
22. Lincoln St. Exit - Sunny Sunday Dream
23. Lincoln St. Exit - The Bummer
24. Fi-Fi-Four Plus Two - I Wanna Come Back (from the World of LSD)
25. Fi-Fi-Four Plus Two - Double Crossin' Girl
26. Grass - I'm Getting Tired
27. Outer Limits - Don't Need You No More
28. Nobody's Children - St. James Infirmary
29. Axis Brotherhood - Signed D.C.
30. Chow - We're Pretty Quick
31. Chow - Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore

Download: Sixties Archives - Volume 4 (69.4MB)

Volume 5 - U.S. Punk From the 60's:

Track List:
1. Morning Reign - Satisfaction Guaranteed
2. Morning Reign - Our Fate
3. Bare Facts - Bad Part of Town
4. Bare Facts - Georgiana
5. Precious Few - The Train Kept a-Rollin'
6. Precious Few - I Don't Mind
7. T.C. Atlantic - Faces
8. T.C. Atlantic - Mona
9. Apollos - That's the Breaks
10. Apollos - Target Love
11. Sands - Open Your Eyes
12. Sands - Can't Find a Way
13. Black & Blues - Come to Me
14. Black & Blues - Bye Bye Baby
15. Track 15 was removed at the request of the artist
16. Mystic Tide - Mystery Ship
17. Eastern Alliance - Love Fades Away
18. Dave & the Squires - The Girl from My Dreams
19. Joint Effort - Country
20. Wanted - Here to Stay
21. Driving Wheels - One Year Ago from Today
22. United Travel Service - Drummer of Your Mind
23. Sean & the Brandywines - Codine
24. Crystal Chandelier - Setting of Despair
25. Brigands - (Would I Still Be) Her Big Man
26. Just Luv - Valley of Bate

Download: Sixties Archives - Volume 5 (91.5MB)

Volume 6 - Texas & Michigan Psychedelia:

Track List:
1. Love - It's the Marlin Baby
2. Iguanas - Leaving You Baby
3. Iguanas - I Can Only Give You Everything
4. Iguanas - Black Suit
5. Mechanical Switch - Spongeman
6. Mechanical Switch - Everything Is Red
7. Sons of Barbee Doll - Psychedelic Seat
8. Yesterday's Obsession - The Phycle
9. Those Guys - Lookin' at You Behind the Glasses
10. Satori - 1000 Micrograms of Love
11. Conqueroo - I've Got Time
12. Conqueroo - 1 to 3
13. Bourbons - A Dark Corner
14. Boubons - Of Old Approximately
15. Midnight Shift - Never Gonna Stop Lovin' You
16. The Free - Decision for Lost Soul Blue
17. The Smoke - Half Past the End
18. Strange Fate - Hold Me Baby
19. Preston - This World Is Closing In on Me
20. Black Rose - Man Is Blind
21. Dick Rabbit - You Come On Like a Train
22. Chosen Lot - Time Was
23. Glass Sun - Silence of the Morning
24. Phlegethon - You're No Good

Download: Sixties Archives - Volume 6 (78.7MB)

Volume 7 - Michigan Punk:

Track List:
1. The Old Exciting Scot Richard Case - Get The Picture
2. The Soulbenders - Seven And Seven Is
3. The Trademarks - If I Was Gone
4. The Aardvarks - I'm Higher Than I'm Down
5. Count & The Colony - Can't You See?
6. The Pack - The Colour Of Our Love
7. The Emblems - We're Gonna Love
8. James T & The Workers - That Is All
9. Beethoven Four - Oh Pretty Baby
10. The Pastels - 'Cause I Love You
11. The Jayhawkers - Dawn Of Instruction
12. The Rainy Days - I Can Only Give You Everything
13. The Warlocks - Hey Jo
14. The Shy Guys - We Gotta Go
15. The Shy Guys - Lay It On The Line
16. The Psychotics - If You Don't Believe Me, Don't
17. The Spike Drivers - High Time
18. The Aces - Who Do You Love
19. The Only Ones - You're The Reason
20. The Young Men - Go Away Girl
21. The Mushrooms - Such A Lovely Child
22. The Thyme - Somehow
23. The Thyme - Very Last Day
24. The Thyme - Time Of The Season

Download: Sixties Archives - Volume 7 (65.4MB)

Volume 8 - Acid Trip & Heavy Sound For Psychic Minds

Track List:
1. Faine Jade - It Ain't True
2. Velvet Illusions - Velvet Illusions
3. Beautiful Daze - City Jungle Part 1
4. Beautiful Daze - City Jungle Part 2
5. Caretakers of Deception - Cuttin' Grass
6. Wild Woods - Plastic People
7. Painted Faces - I Lost You in My Mind
8. Joys of Life - Descent
9. Davids - I'm Not Alone
10. Davids - Sweet December
11. Nobody's Children - Good Times
12. Nobody's Children - Somebody to Help Me
13. Paysleys - Now!
14. Hunger - Workshop
15. Music Emporium - Nam Myo Renge Kyo
16. Max Frost & the Troopers - Lonely Man
17. Cycle - If You Can
18. St. Steven - Aye Eh Pooh Dye
19. Novells - Love
20. Head Shop - Head Shop
21. Corporation - Yes I Know
22. Whalefeathers - Know Thyself
23. Heavy Balloon - Barnyard Blues
24. Shoppe - Soap and Crime
25. Dragonfly - Blue Monday

Download: Sixties Archives - Volume 8 (83.7MB)


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Maybe this is a work in progress, but -

Will you be posting links to vol 1-6?

Also, the links to vol 7&8 are not working.

Zer0_II said...

Yes this is a work in progress. I actually saved this as a draft several months ago and ended up forgetting about it. I'll fix the links to 7 & 8 when I get home. I'm at work at the moment.

Anonymous said...

This is really great. Thank you a lot.....man I enjoy this stuff. Especially Velvet Illusions. Mucho gracias

Zer0_II said...

el postino loco: I'm glad you like the Sixties Archives series. I'll have volumes 1 and 2 up by tomorrow morning.

siehan said...

this is a great work! great compilation! i'm really believe for existence of punk in 60'! very much thanks! but... link Sixties Archives - Volume 2 (77.8MB)[http://sharebee.com/c6062c22]
don't work for me...

Zer0_II said...

siehan: I'm glad you like the series. I believe that Sharebee is down at the moment, which is why the link for Volume 2 isn't working at the moment. Hopefully they'll be up and running again soon because the majority of the stuff I have posted has been uploaded there.

siehan said...


2th and 4 th tuesday of every month
off-line shows in mp3 available

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for taking the time to post this comp.

If you have access to it, I would greatly appreciate it if you could post the Quagmire Comps, Vol. 1-2-3-4-5-6-8.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

it's good to see you back (with a bang!).

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. Great stuff!!

Zer0_II said...

Jeronyme: Thanks for the welcome. It's good to be back! Perhaps I'm mistaken, but didn't you used to have a blog of your own? If not you should start one. I can tell by the comments that you leave that you have great taste in music

Garage/Rockabilly Junkie Glad you enjoyed the series. I don't have the Quagmire series, but I'll see what I can do about finding them.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to inform you that
the last track (26). Just Luv - Valley of hate on Vol. 5 is corrupt (at min 2.16).
Also there is some anomality at the beginning of tr.22 and 23. of vol. 7

By the way tr. 25 of vol. 5 doesn't exist - they left that song off the cd though it is listed on the cover.

Fuzzbox said...

yeah ... great compilation series you posted here :) !!!

big big thanks!!!

Ana Mariaaa said...

Hi Zer0!

Fabulous this sixties archives.

Congratulations, your blogs are very good.

(Thank you for adding lasgalletas your blogroll.
At this time lasgalletas are in the process of changes, in a few days we will include links to some sites)


Anonymous said...

sweet looking compilation! thanks for putting in the hard work. :o)

Anonymous said...


Zer0_II said...

Anonymous: No need to kill anyone. You can find 30 Seconds From the Calico Wall here. I posted it a while back. http://digitalmeltd0wn.blogspot.com/2007/04/va-thirty-seconds-before-calico-wall.html

Pollos said...

uuuooooouuuu! you are the relly star at this end of year

thank you very much!

hotrodmike said...

I just discovered your excellent blog today.I was not aware of the 60's archives series until now.Can't wait to listen to them.Thanks for posting them.I have a feeling I'll be back on a regular basis.If you're taking requests,I also need Quaqmire vol.5.In any case,thanks! Mike

Anonymous said...

Sixties Archives - Volume 4 (69.4MB) error 'unexpected end of archive'

something wrong with this Vol 4, tracks 18 - 31 are missing, tried redownloading from MU, RS and Badongo, no better, is there a missing part 2 ?

Anonymous said...

thank you for these posts,

I kept trying and finally got #4 file from Badongo, dl's kept showing 69-70mb but kept having end of archive error, tracks 1-17 ok, 18-31 crc fail, havent had this much dl error in very long time, again thank you very much


ksn said...

incredible post, very grateful you spent the time! cheers from nyc,

Zer0_II said...

I've reuploaded Disc 4 with all of the tracks intact. Please let me know if any of you encounter problems with it, or any of the other discs. The problem was that I used Sharebee, and the file size exceeded the limits for hosts such as Rapidshare, so Sharebee only uploaded a portion of the file to each host, even to the hosts that have a larger file size limit.

Anonymous said...

I love the Digital Meltdown! Thanks for all your hard work! I know you post a lot of obscure and rare stuff and I came across a gem of an album by the Berlin punk rock band, PVC. It's call "Punk Rock Berlin" and it's from 1977. It's an absolute lost classic that needs more exposure and appreciation and a reissue!!! I can't find it anywhere!! Anyway, please find and enjoy this piece of blissful punk abandon while it lasts...It's from the Pirate-Industry Blog:

Vinko Funk said...

Thanks a lot for these treasures..

Just too bad the music is in such extreme low quality (192kbps is just so 90's!)

Maybe a repost in 320kbps or some lossless format? :)


Zer0_II said...

Vinko Funk: If I was able to provide these in a higher quality format I would. However, since I wasn't the person responsible for ripping this from vinyl, I am afraid this is as good as it gets for now. Sometimes you just have to consider yourself lucky to get your hands on a digital version of compilations such as this, regardless of the low quality bitrate. I would love to get my hands on a copy of this compilation in lossless format also. If I happen to stumble across a version of this ripped to a superior format I will be sure to share it here.

kaplan said...

set the record straight, you have to mention, those records have been 1st issued in France in the late 80's under the label EVA-Lolita with different names of course...

Zer0_II said...

Kaplan: I wasn't withholding information on purpose. I had no idea that these were originally released in France under the EVA-Lolita label. If you could provide me with the original names then I can update the post and provide these details.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Still digesting these gems. Thanks for posting them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot you rock

orangeskies said...

I really love this music and the blog is generally great
check out mine too
i'll add you to my blogroll

Andy Rampage said...

i've ONLY "managed" to Grab '3' (So far!) Butt these are:"GRRRATE!"

NOT to be a B*st*ck.. but mine.. Of VOL.5 seems to be missing a track!! (track 25) Can anyone else confirm this?? Regardless "Brilliant job!" really!!