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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Buckethead - Acoustic Shards

Acoustic Shards is an album by Buckethead, which consists of acoustic recordings culled from tapes that were reportedly recorded in 1991. This is largely considered his 20th album release, but more of a specialty album than his latest efforts

The album was released on May 31 by Jas Obrecht, through his label Avabella, who also released the Young Buckethead DVDs.[2]

According to Jas Obrecht:
“ Imagine, if you will, that Buckethead walked into a quiet living room, picked up an acoustic guitar, and began improvising one amazing composition after the next -- that's what happened when we recorded "Acoustic Shards" back in 1991. (It was taped a couple of weeks after the final Deli Creeps concert on the Young Buckethead DVDs, but is quite different musically.) It is a single-CD, 52:30 minutes in length, 15 tracks. Included are very early versions of "For Mom" and "Who Me?" as well as a lot of stuff you've never heard before. The playing is spectacular -- some of it sounds like Django Reinhardt meets Ornette Coleman meets young EVH meets... well, that which is uniquely and lovably Buckethead. Some passages are so advanced you'd swear it's two guitarists -- but it was all recorded in real time and without overdubs -- while other parts are just melodically beautiful beyond words. So far, everyone who's heard it has said it's the kind of music that resonates in you long after the stereo's been turned off.
(Year of Release: 2007)

Track List:
1. For Mom [Early Version]
2. Little Gracie
3. Who Me? [Early Version]
4. Ed's Rhapsody/Midnight Dance/Jars
5. Ganryu Island/Saskia's Gone
6. Ghosts Upstairs
7. Spirals
8. Cubes, Chunks & Crumbles
9. Thugs
10. Dinging/Ah-Ji-Jee
11. Johnny
12. Stay out of the Shed
13. Serape
14. Longing
15. Box Elders

Download: Buckethead - Acoustic Shards (67.4MB)


Anonymous said...

BUCKETHEAD is actually comedic god PAULY SHORE. I'm sure of this.