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Monday, December 01, 2008

San Francisco's Shiver - Shiver

The music on this album represents the entire recorded output of this obscure early '70s acid-rock band. Shiver recorded this stuff live to two-track tape in the summer of 1972, and while they never released an album back in the day, it's clear that the world is ready for their heavy guitar jams now.

Basically, Shiver were a bunch of hard-rocking hippie freaks, brought together by a Texas-bred drummer who moved to San Francisco to take up where his obvious heroes Blue Cheer left off. They soon had a rather rough, tough reputation, playing Haight street fairs and Hells Angels biker parties. At one point they even had a singer with an iron hook for a hand, which he could use as a slide for his guitar, or for more violent purposes. Shiver played "heavy psychedelic rock" at its most primal -- no overdubs, raw as hell.

Rising from the same scene of Texas freaks like The 13th Floor Elevators, Johnny Gee & The G Men, and Warlocks, Shiver moved to SF and this CD documents their complete output of early 70's heavy psychedelic rock. In a city known for peace, love and flower power, Shiver was an over the top, in your face, balls to the wall 'gang' of musicians that felt at home with Hell´s Angels and Hippies alike. Shiver played a lot of Street Fairs on Haight, Market and Castro streets, and got to jam with guys from Big Brother (Gurley & Albin) and other local heroes. These recordings were done on a twotrack machine at 2909 Mariposa in the Summer Of ´72 and feature no overdubs or studio 'wizardry'. What you hear on these tracks is Shiver in it´s raw, powerful glory.

Year of Release: 1972
Label: Rockadelic
Genre: Psychedelic, Hard Rock
Bitrate: 192kbps

Track List:
1. Tough As Nails
2. Fixer
3. Bone Shaker
4. Interstellar Vision
5. Alpha Man
6. Rocky Road
7. Keep On Rocking
8. Up My Sleeve
9. Winter Time

Download: San Francisco's Shiver - Shiver (108MB)
Download Size: 108MB


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the entire blog this is fantastic!

M said...

A Monster of a Hard Psych/Hard rock album. Got it on my blog too

Zer0_II said...

test :-D

Anonymous said...

Thank You...especially for the track : "alpha man"! Good guitar!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You...especially for the track : "alpha man"! Good guitar!!