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Monday, January 21, 2008

VA - The Psychedelic Voyage

Someone requested this several months ago, but I was only able to find it recently. It proved extremely difficult to track down, and I couldn't find out any information about the album, other than it contains 26 tracks of rare psychedelic music from the 60's. If any of you find out more info about this release, please leave a comment.

Track List:
1. Tac Pocum System - Asmodia
2. The ones - Lady Greengrass
3. Kiss Inc - Hey There Mr. Holy Man
4. Gee Brothers - Let Me Find the Sun
5. Keith Meehan - Darkness of My Life
6. Flower Traveling Band - Satori pt1
7. Flower Traveling Band - Satori pt2
8. Lewis & Klark Expedition - Blue Revelation
9. Picadilly Line - Yellow Rainbow
10. Petards - Rainbows & Butterflys
11. Petards - Tartarex
12. Almond Lettuce - Magic Circle
13. Fickle Fickle - Sam & Sadie
14. Kaplan - I Like
15. The Admirals - In the Promised Land
16. The Shirelli - I'll Stay by Your Side
17. Jackueline Taeib - 7am
18. Vanilla fudge - Some Velvet Morning
19. The Sleepy - Loves Immortal Fire
20. The Beloved ones - Land of Shadow
21. The Rugby's - Stay With Me
22. The Pirates - Shades of Blue
23. The shames - Greenburg, clickstein, Charles, Davies, smith & jones
24. Smoke - dream of dreams
25. Smoke - my birth
26. Poppy family - shadows on my wall

Download: Various Artists - The Psychedelic Voyage (92.4MB)


Anonymous said...

Great set
thank you jane

Anonymous said...

great looking comp, many thanx!

TV Age said...

Here's what I know, I got it from the Searchin for Shakes database, which you can download. Don't ask me about Track #0.

0 The Voice (London): The Train To Disaster (4/1966)
1 Tac Poum Systeme (France): Asmodai (1971)
2 The Ones (Berlin): Lady Greengrass (1967)
3 Kiss Inc.: Hey Mr. Holy Man
4 The Gee Bros: Let Me Find The Sun (1968)
5 Keith Meehan (UK): Darkness Of My Life (8/1969)
6 The Flower Travelling Band (Tokyo): Satori Part 1
7 The Flower Travelling Band: Satori Part 2
8 The Lewis & Clarke Expedition (L.A.): Blue Revelation (1967)
9 Piccadilly Line (UK): Yellow Rainbow (7/1968)
10 The Petards (Schrecksbach, Germany): Rainbows And Butterflies (1968)
11 The Petards: Tartarex (1969)
12 Almond Lettuce (UK): Magic Circle (4/1969)
13 Fickle Pickle (UK): Sam & Sadie (1970)
14 Kaplan (UK): I Like (1968)
15 The Admirals (Stockport, UK): In The Promised Land (1965)
16 The Shirelli: I'll Stay By Your Side
17 Jacqueline Taieb (France): 7:00 A.M. (1967)
18 Vanilla Fudge (N.Y.C.): Some Velvet Morning
19 The Sleepy (UK): Love's Immortal Fire (7/1968)
20 The Beloved Ones (UK): Land Of Shadow
21 The Rugbys (Louisville, US): Stay With Me (6/1969)
22 The Pirates: Shades Of Blue
23 The Shames: Greenburg, Clickstein, Charles, Davies, Smith & Jones
24 The Smoke (UK): Dreams Of Dreams (1970)
25 The Smoke: My Birth (1970)
26 The Poppy Family (Vancouver): Shadows On My Wall (1970)

Unknown said...

..oh it looks really interesting but Megaupload is not working for Greek people...sigh. :{

Zer0_II said...

sotiris: Do you know if that is a problem for all of Greece? I'll re-up it to sharebee as soon as I get a chance.

Sotiris said...

When i - and all of my friends - try to d/l anything from MU, we get this:
"All download slots assigned to your country (Greece) are currently in use. Please try again in a few hours or install the Megaupload Toolbar for immediate access - with the toolbar installed, there are no more slot limitations for you!"
That toolbar is full of s*it...
If you can upload it, its ok! But take your time, dont hurry.. you've already offer A LOT OF SWEET THINGS!!! We have to listen to them!
(Born bad comps were FANTASTIC!)

Zer0_II said...

Sotiris: I'll re-up The Psychedelic Voyage as soon as I finish re-uploading Born Bad Volume 4, which I'm working on at the moment.

Zer0_II said...

I've re-uploaded it to sharebee for those having trouble. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for your hell of work, but the result is a really extraordinary blog!!!

saludos de Quito: RoBB

ps: megaupload has no function in Ecuador too. - thanks for using sharebee!!!

Unknown said...

Great collection, thanks! I particularly looove one song, I like by Kaplan, and if anyone has any info at all to share about Kaplan I would be very thankful!!!