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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DJ Chaos X - Live Mixxx (2006)


AJ from OZ said...

THANYOU! As a long time boredoms fan I already had the DJ pica album, but I didn't even know this one existed. This is the reason I love this blog so much.

Anonymous said...

Keep doing your thing. I very much love your selections.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing find!
Thank you so much!!

booby said...

great mix!
i've heard it a year before & still lookin' for a tracklist) SOMEONE PLEASE FIND IT! %)

Anonymous said...

You pretty much struck gold with this one. And keep up the rare music posts. Really enjoyed the Halloween-themed posts from 08.

Zer0_II said...

@Booby Mason: I'm not sure if there even is a tracklist. I can't find one on any site, even those that include track names for every other release listed.

@Anonymous: I'm glad you're enjoying this album so much. You can expect another round of Halloween posts this year as well, starting at the beginning of October. I've always been a big fan of Halloween, and posting a ton of horror/halloween related items is a tradition here at DM. I hope you will enjoy some of the surprises I have in store for October.

Aaron Lee said...

Really looking forward to hearing this!

JIRO said...

Thought you might like this one too, it's a mix made by Eye to coincide with an exhibition of his.


Also, I'm hopefully going to get hold of his brand new mix, Sky Size Sea which came out last week but is only available from one record shop in Tokyo (as far as I'm aware), hoping a friend can help me out. Will put that up if and when I get it.

Anonymous said...

i found this mix years ago when i lived in japan. here's the tracks i've figured out listening to it.
1. suicidal tendencies-suicide's an alternative
7. blank students-background music
8. simple minds-chelsea girls
9. ?
10. stupid babies-baby blues
11. lee perry-crab yars
12. mono puff-pretty fly
13. modern english-gathering dust
14. guvner-drum ad
15. blowfly-sesame street song
16. bad brains-intro
17. MDC-dead cops
18. bad brains-don't need it
19. bad brains-attitude
21. robert wyatt-stalin wasn't stalling
22. suicidal tendencies-suicide's an alternative
23. some kinda commercial for Yamato (japanese anime)
24. raymond scott-tempo block
25. daniel johnston-danny don't rapp
26. la monte young (don't know which track)
27. rinder and lewis-willie and the hand jive
28. cerrone-sweet drums
29. beatles-love to you
30. black flag-my war
31. ??
32. ??
33. ??
34. crucifix-prejudice
35. accused? (not sure on this)
36. los crudos-assesenios
37. ??
38. ??
39. noh mercy-revolutionary spy
40. ??
42. human league-empire state human
43. dow jones and the industrials-ladies w/ appliances
44. flash and the pan-ladykiller
45. crucifix-annihilation

hope this helps

Zer0_II said...

@Anonymous: Thanks for the info. Perhaps one day (probably in the distant future) I will have time to do further research on this album, and find all of the samples used throughout this album. If I am ever able to I'll be sure to update this post with the info.

Anonymous said...

This is not much help, but track 2 sounds very much like something Ali Farka Touré would have recorded (pretty sure those are his trademark guitar flourishes).

eyevocal said...

Track 5 is Artless Entanglements--"Dildos, Bondage and Toys" (from the Chunks compilation LP).

Stereo Stations said...

track 3 is Spazz - Zodiak

david.bakaro said...

20 is final conflict-apocalypse now!