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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Digital Meltd0wn's Nightmare Before Christmas Begins...


harry lime said...

this looks like its going to rock , cant wait to see what you and your team is going to come up with

Anonymous said...

This belated thanks is long in coming, so please accept my regrets for not having expressed my appreciation sooner.

With a world of blogs & sites available to visit, I've found myself making sure that I never miss your extremely creative posts.

To be able to distinguish one's self from everyone else on the net is quite a feat - to be able to do so with such entertaining results is nothing short of a miracle.

The Meltdown aggregator is/was so well done - I'm sorry it was either too much with all of the other things you have in your life, I just wanted to let you know that it was appreciated for what it was - and what was it?

Well, to me, I simply found that upon initial perusal, the way you laid out the page worked so nicely for me and the way my eye-to-brain thing works - so easy to use & comprehensive.

I respect your decision to go in other directions, I just wanted to let you know that somewhere out there, there was a guy who thought highly of your effort.

That's it - I look forward to your music posts - I also appreciated the comics, etc. - I've read all the creepy, eerie stuff you offered up and also thoroughly got off on the Lights Out, etc.

I hope to continue to visit with you and look forward to what you have to share... I'm a fan - be safe and happy holidays to you and your loved ones

Jeff McKee
Richmond Va.

Zer0_II said...

@Jeff: Most of the people that I am close to in real life do not understand my fascination for music, let alone share it. With that in mind, please know that comments such as yours mean the world to me. It is a good feeling to know that some people truly appreciate my efforts. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. They do motivate me and encourage me to keep doing this, in spite of all the difficulties I face in my personal life.

I started the DM Aggregator/Blogroll because I know that there are many others who share my fascination for music, and may not have the resources available to them to find what they are looking for. Aside from that, at the time other blogrolls and aggregators neglected to categorize the blogs they listed according to genre, which always frustrated me a bit.

Fortunately I have good news for you. A friend of mine agreed to help out with the DM blogroll/aggregator. Unfortunately he isn't very familiar with the music blog scene, which may pose some problems at first. However, he happens to be a very dedicated individual, and I'm sure that he will catch on quickly. Perhaps at least one or two more people will step forward and offer to contribute. If that happens then I would finally be able to focus my time on working on a script I had in mind which would display the most recent posts for each particular category. I have always had a number of ideas which would make the site better, yet have always lacked the available time to implement them. Perhaps one day...

In the meantime, I hope my news will brighten your day just a bit. Thank you once again and take care.