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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shirley Walker - Black Christmas: Original Motion Picture Score (2006 - Variable Bitrate)


Zer0_II said...

@Strange Ranger: You continue to impress me my friend. Our taste in music seems to overlap quite a bit, at least as far as film scores/soundtracks go, yet you always managed to regularly share material that I don't already have. I love Shirley Walker's music, and it's a real shame that she passed away a few years ago. I was introduced to her music after listening to her score for "Batman: The Animated Series", which blew me away. Her character themes were absolutely amazing. I picked up her score for The Flash animated series after that and was equally impressed.

Needless to say Black Christmas fits in perfectly with our ongoing theme. I would love to see a release, bootleg or otherwise, for a soundtrack/score to the original Black Christmas. I'm not sure who was responsible for composing the music to the original film, but I'll see if I can track anything down. I know that there was at least one track on the "Main Titles For Unreleased Horror Scores" compilation, but I'm not sure if anything exists outside of that collection.

Strange Ranger said...

@Zer0_II: I'm glad to be hooking you up with some good tunes, buddy. You're right, we do seem to have an agreement about scores. We probably have some overlapping interests in other genres, too. I'm all over the place and I know you're all over the place since I've been visiting this blog for quite some time now.

I've heard both BTAS and FTAS by Shirley Walker and I concur, they are stunning scores. As for the original Black Christmas, my girlfriend and I watched it again last weekend, and we both noticed that a musical score was conspicuously absent. I didn't realize it the first time I saw the movie probably because I wasn't into film music as much then. These days, whenever I watch something I always pay attention to the music.

Anonymous said...

I have tried to download Black Xmas 3 times but it seems to freeze up every time I try. Any help pleaes, I like the movie,and give it 3 out of 5.- Richard

Strange Ranger said...

@Anonymous: I just tested the link and downloaded the file without a problem. Keep trying, sometimes megaupload has issues.

Zer0_II said...

I double-checked the download link also. It is working just fine. When you say that it "freezes up", do you mean that you are able to start the download, but it stops while you are in the process of downloading, or is the webpage freezing up?