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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Digital Meltd0wn last.fm Group - February 2010 Recommendations

Some of you may or may not already know that I started a last.fm group for Digital Meltd0wn - http://last.fm/group/digital+meltd0wn a few years ago. Due to various personal issues, and my recent move, the group had been inactive for far too long. I have been making an effort to devote more time to the group, and fortunately activity has picked up once again. I have also made the group open, rather than requiring approval, so please join up if you haven't already. In the past we shared our monthly music recommendations with each other, then I would share them here on the blog; however, due to my absence, a recommendation thread hadn't been posted for several months. The idea was resurrected once again, and several people took part in sharing their recommendations with the group. There was a nice selection posted this month, ranging from Italian doom metal to French electropop. So without further ado, I present to you the Digital Meltd0wn last.fm group's recommendations for the month of February 2010:

Down - Sludge
DJ Chaos X - Turntablism, Punk Rock
DJ Pica Pica Pica - Turntablism, Sound Collage
Karp - Grunge
Fall of the Idols - Doom Metal
Sahg - Doom Metal
Kylsea - Doom Metal, Sludge
Ras G - Instrumental Hip-Hop
Bile - Industrial Metal
Terror Visions - SynthPunk
The Walruz - Doom Metal
Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of the Knight - Stoner Rock
Venomin James - Doom Metal
Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons - Post-Punk, Deathrock
The Almighty Defenders - Gospel, Garage Rock
Antipop Consortium - Abstract Hip-Hop
The Meters - Funk
The Ex - Post-Punk
Electric Wizard - Doom Metal
16 Horsepower - Alt-Country, Gothic Country
Woven Hand - Alt-Country, Gothic Country
Haydamaky - Ukranian, Ska, Folk Rock
Metallic Falcons - Experimental, Freak Folk
Jelonek - Violin, Instrumental Metal
CocoRosie Freak Folk
Koenjihyakkei - Japan, Experimental, Progressive Rock
Achillea - New Age, Ambient
Jenson Rhodes - Accoustic, Psychedelic
The Coconut Monkeyrocket - Experimental, Electronic
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Soundtrack
Rheostatics - Indie Rock
Giraffe Incognito - Electronic, Experimental
Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots - Alt-Country, Gothic Country
The Yellow Dogs - Iran, Post-Punk
The Graham Bond Organisation - Blues Rock, Jazz Fusion
Chromeo - Electronica, Funk
Anoraak - France, Synthpop
Yelle - France, Synthpop
James Chance - No Wave, Jazz Punk
Puzique - France, House
The Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir - Gospel

I hope some of you discover a few artists that you like among the list.


ハリソン said...

you knowマンベアピグ?
it's manbearpig!!

Anonymous said...

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