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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Sonics - Psycho-Sonic

Everyone would agree that the Sonics reached their peak on their 1964-65 recordings for Etiquette. This 29-track compilation has everything they recorded for the label, extended not just to everything from their singles and two albums, but also with an alternate take of "The Witch" and live recordings of "Psycho" and "The Witch." Consequently, it's the best Sonics release on the market, though you should be warned: it's not wall-to-wall greatness. After the first half-dozen or so songs, you might well be ready to buy into their legend as one of the great (and certainly rawest) '60s garage bands, as those tracks include their toughest elementary riff-fueled pounders: "The Witch," "Psycho," "Boss Hoss," "He's Waitin'," and "Strychnine." But too much of the rest is filled out with covers of '50s and '60s rock and R&B standards, and the relentlessly frantic bang-it-out frat punk and throat-tearing vocals get blurry after a while, though at least they threw in a little-covered tune with their version of Adam Faith's "It's Alright."

Track List:
1. Witch
2. Do You Love Me
3. Roll Over Beethoven
4. Boss Hoss
5. Dirty Robber
6. Have Love, Will Travel
7. Psycho
8. Money (That's What I Want)
9. Walking the Dog
10. Night Time Is the Right Time
11. Strychnine
12. Good Golly Miss Molly
13. Hustler
14. Psycho [Live]
15. Cinderella
16. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
17. Skinny Minnie
18. Let the Good Times Roll
19. Don't You Just Know It
20. Jenny, Jenny
21. He's Waitin'
22. Louie, Louie
23. Since I Fell for You
24. Hitch Hike
25. It's Alright
26. Shot Down
27. Keep a Knockin'
28. Witch [Live]
29. Witch [Version 2]

Download: The Sonics - Psycho-Sonic (72.5MB)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great collection. Much apreciated.


A.Zimmerman said...

Whelp, it's nice that you've selected all of this; you were mentioning the DC++,
considering my large collection as well, I've sort of strayed away from Bittorrent for awhile,
At the moment I'm using Dc++.

But, if there are some hubs I should know about...
Be sure to drop a line please.

I suppose I can throw some good links at you as well.

Zer0_II said...

I think DC++ is the way to go. There are a lot of people on there sharing huge amounts of files, unfortunately I'm not one of them considering I only have a 40gb drive, and most of my stuff is backed up on DVDs. I'll take you up on the offer for the DC++ hub addresses if you don't mind. Can you shoot me an e-mail at Shockw4ve_X at hotmail. I'll reply with the hubs I know of.