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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hello to the Digital Meltdown blog readers!
Allow me to take a quick moment and introduce myself to everyone. Psycho Cat, here. I'm a steady reader of the blog, a dedicated husband / bartender / psychoanalyst. I love a wide variety of music, art and artists. I'm also one of the worst guitar players in the world.

We have something special here at Digital Meltdown and I'm excited to say that I'm now going to be a solid part of it! I'll be contributing to the blog a couple of days a week, possibly more. (or until I get voted off the island.)

I wish in closing this brief introduction to thank Zer0_II for single-handedly maintaining this blog over the past couple of years, and giving me an opportunity to get involved.


Anonymous said...


Previously we got banned, but now MP3Freakz is up again, please update your link to http://mp3freakz.net. I have added yours to mine. Thx