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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Rose Of Avalanche - A Peace Inside

The Rose of Avalanche
A Peace Inside 3" CD

Year of Release: 1989
Label: Avalantic Records
Genre: indie

Track Listing:
1. A Peace Inside
2. The Eden Skies
3. Can You See This Life
4. In At The Deep End

This E.P. represents a departure of style by Rose Of Avalanche following the loss of guitarist Glen Schulz and bass player Nicol McKay. This was a time of serious change for the band, as evidenced by the material on this disc. The doom and gloom of their previous sound is gone and these new songs are upbeat and clear, with catchy guitar hooks and introspective lyrics sung in Phil Morris characteristic vocal style. The band even refers to themselves on the back cover as "The Rose". The band was back to stay, with a new name and ready to rock, or so it seemed.

Unfortunately, this was right about the time that the major record companies recognized that hit indie singles could really sell albums and created their own 'indie' labels. The records, however, had nothing to do with independent companies and the indie charts became largely irrelevant over the next few years. Though this four song EP remains my favorite release by the group, it also signified the nearing of the end. For The Rose Of Avalanche, 1990 saw a new lineup and a new CD..."string 'a' beads'. It was similar in style to this E.P., but just wasn't a commercial success. After one final release entitled "I.C.E.", the band called it quits.

Download: The Rose Of Avalanche - A Peace Inside
Download size: 16.45 MB