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Sunday, May 31, 2009




I guess it's musick swap time. I'm downloading Nostromo & while I'm waiting, I read your Brainticket comment. Musick sharing sure is fun. Sorry about your mishap, but glad you're back here posting, you always have some interesting things to hear.
I'll be enjoying your future posts.

AllyWonderland said...

Thanks. I am interested in hearing your opinion of Nostromo.


I'm probably a fool to state my opinion here after the slagging I took for the last comments a made about some so-called musick...well, I am a fool...but here goes. As you stated, this particular piece draws its inspiration from the movie Alien. In fact the entire release (except for the bonus track "Narcissus") is based on just the first five to eight minutes of the movie...drifting through the deep-space freight hauler Nostromo while the human cargo lie deep in cold-sleep. Utilizing deep ambient minimalistic soundscapes, this journey through Decks A-E is highly intelligent & imaginative. One can almost believe s/he is in the far reaches of space in a quietly vacant, yet unquiet vessel. Eat a couple choice edibles, do a couple shots of Absinthe & strap on the headphones on a lonely stormy night...you will not be disappointed. Also, the added track is a nice dénouement. As SRF paraphrases so well, "Shhh - in space no one can hear you dream"
Thanks for this one, AllyW, it's a gem.