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Monday, December 21, 2009

Bush Tetras - Boom in the Night (2003 - 320kbps)

Download: Bush Tetras - Boom in the Night


Anonymous said...

An Original recording of a Lady GaGa Hit was Discovered this evening with no traces of where it originated from.
Some say that it was discovered in GaGa's Record Label's headquarters.

More info at http://ladygagaunreleased.blogspot.com

Free Download of the single at http://tinyurl.com/gagaunreleased


You mean a Lady GagMe recording. how could it possibly be original. But this is just my opinion.

henkie said...

whoooooooo this is awesome

icastico said...

For you and your readers.

New aboombong, asynchronic.

Afro-ambient noise, meditative minimalism, out drone


spread the word.

Zer0_II said...

For some reason this post seems to be attracting a lot of spam. I had the same problem with the H.P. Lovecraft audio books post I made, and eventually just had to lock commenting rather than worry about constantly deleting the spam comments.

Brian Standorf said...

Thank you for sharing this great music. Awesome blog!


Thanks for the comment. Suprised this link is still good. Glad we could give a little.