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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Purple Image - Purple Image

An outstanding example of psychedelic rock and funk fusion that shouldn't be missed.Though African-American and raised in the predominantly black 105th Superior area of Cleveland where jazz, funk, and soul were the dominant musical styles. Purple Image played rock... psychedelic, mind-bending, pass-the-bong, strobe-light, head music. This obscure album recorded on Map Records has risen to the status of cult because of its scarcity and the musical orientation of Warren Adams (vocals, piano, organ), Kenneth Roberts (vocals, rhythm), William Adams (vocals, conga), Frank Smith (lead guitar), Del Moran (bass), Richard Payne (drums), and lone female Diane Dunlap (vocals); Edward Snodgrass, a non-member, augmented P.I. on sax. Purple Image wrote everything except the LP's masterpiece, the 15-minute, 24-second rendition of Bob Craig's "Marching to a Different Drummer." As with all six selections, Purple Image sounds better when the volume is cranked. "Drummer" is an energetic, powerful blend of acid rock and fusion; Snodgrass blows a frantic Coltrane-ish sax, and Dunlap wails like she slammed her hand in a door. "We Got to Pull Together" is an airy, charming, socially significant ballad that urges us to become color-blind, forget the past, and get along. Snodgrass plays a tender horn while a male does a convincing lead wallpapered by some arresting, swooping harmonies. On "Living In the Ghetto," they sing about the woes of poverty. This album is an outstanding example of psychedelic rock and funk fusion that shouldn't be missed. Unfortunately, this was the only album that Purple Image ever released.

Year of Release: 1970
Label: Map City
Genre: Funk/Psychedelic
Bitrate: 256kbps

Track List:
1. Living In The Ghetto
2. Why
3. Lady
4. We Got To Pull Together
5. What You Do To Me
6. Marching To A Different Drummer

Download: Purple Image - Purple Image
Download Size: 74MB


Anonymous said...

ooo man its great! I saw this album at http://apyrexscholar.blogspot.com/
but I skip it , and only when I saw it on your blog and read your recense , I decided to download it. Its a fantastic music! I recomended you also check out a Carribian 70's psych rockers "Next Morning" if you didn't.

Anonymous said...

I have not dropped by for too long -love the blaxploit full set )only had 1 of them- tried to get Purple Image after your fab review but mass mirror says it is not available!! HELP have GOT to listen to it after reading what you said
Definately will stop by more often and thanks for the good work you put into your blog


Thanks for this one. I missed it when it was first posted & the link went bad. Guess we were into some weird Ohio funk mode (see my most recent here).
Happy New Year.
Now fix that Rud. Peni cover.

Zer0_II said...

NØ: I almost forgot about the RP cover. I'll throw that up now. Thanks once again for that. Let me know how you like the Purple Image album.

T S-words said...

This is as good a place as any for me to thank you for a great blog. The Purple Image record is one of my favorites. Thank Sly Stone for making it possible.

Zer0_II said...

@T S-words: You're welcome, and thank you for taking the time to comment. Is there any type of music you would like to see posted more often?

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!