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Monday, June 09, 2008

400 Blows - Black Rainbow (2003)

Nice tuesday! Especialy for this kind of music. Powerfull , Raw , and Ruthless. 400 Blows is very unusual band. Like most blues-trash duos they have got only two insruments - drums and guitar. But here are two facts that made them unusual. First -They not a blues-trashers , they play something like hardcore, noise rock with loud distorted guitar, its hard to desribe their genre.Second- they are not a duo. they are trio. they got a separate front man singer. I very like his voice. Its like something dirty and nasty, its like a rattle with a high pitch. I think his voice is their easily recognized trademark. If you'll watch their videos and shows you will see that he got a pretty cool image with his sunglasses and black skinny gloves. Music is very nice two. All album has no filler. Its like a jackhammer will hollow your ears from first track to last. I like to start my working day at office with listening this in earphones. its so raw...huh. They also got a cool video on the song "
Mortar and Pestle ", and this is one of my favorite songs on this album.

400 Blows' full-length debut, Black Rainbow, is somewhat of an anomaly. With cover art featuring a leather glove-clad hand holding a microphone and liner photos of band members in military uniforms I'm not quite sure what to expect - particularly from a group that uses the words "anti-melody" to describe its music. I like melody - a lot - so I'm really thinking this album is going to send me running for the hills.

From the beginning, 400 Blows is a band I really want to hate because I assume it will sound like every other punk or hardcore band out there, but I can't help but be intrigued because the music is quite inventive and shockingly irresistible. The drums, guitar, vocal, no-bass combination is certainly unlike anything else out there at the moment. This isn't blues-infused garage rock, it's in-your-face, ultra-aggressive hardcore punk. While indeed lacking anything remotely akin to melody, the band still manages to hit rhythm head on. 400 Blows is about as primal and venomous as they come, and if nothing else the music will leave a lasting impression on your senses.

Black Rainbow isn't a punk album as such or a hardcore or metal album either. It's a little bit of everything, and because of their unique approach, the band members aren't creating anything that is easily classified. If you like your music loud and hostile, then songs like opener "The Root of Our Nature," "The Kids Are Not at Home," and personal favorite "The Ugly Are So Beautiful" will seep into your system within the first few seconds.-Jennifer Patton.

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Year of Release: 2003
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Rock, Punk, Metal
Bitrate: 192kbps

Track List:

1. The Roots of Our Nature
2. The Worlds Largest Miniature

3. The Ugly Are So Beautiful
4. The Wrong Song
5. The Shipwrecked Sailor
6. Thinking of You
7. Black Rainbow
8. The Kids Are Not at Home
9. The Bards Must Drink and Junket
10. Everyone is Silent
11. Mortar and Pestle
12. A Man of Many Words
13. Premature Burial
14. The Bull That Killed the Matador

Download: 400 blows- Black Rainbow
Download size: 86,04 mb


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