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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Suicide - Suicide (first album 1977)

Hey everybody. Here is the stuff you can't miss. Another one brilliant gem. Absolute classic. Essential. Masterpiece. Here is the first Suicide album. Suicide is unique. Yes, I know that the "Silver Apples" was the first duo in that genre and they got their records earlier than Suicide, but they didn't have the punky spirit inside, and great image. Alan Vega is a truly shaman. He always was on psychedelic substances on his shows, just look at his eyes. And his voice, his manner, he got a giant strong charisma. I don't know english so good to desribe all that I want to say about Suicide music, so just listen it.

In 1977, a band called SUICIDE took nihilist minimalism further than punk would dare, aiming to scare your neighbours with nothing more than stark keyboards, a drum machine and whisper-shriek-yelp vocals. Being a fan of Ghost Rider the Marvel Comics hero, I of course took a liking to the sinister opening track that bears his name: "America, America is killing its youth" is not the stuff of Nicholas Cage blockbusters, however. This is repetitive, three-chord "new wave" stripped to its bones before new wave even existed. It lays the blueprint for industrial rock as well, though it doesn't so much rock as ominously sway, powered by creaky pistons instead of slaughterhouse guitars. The music brings to mind an eyeless, earless, armless genetically-engineered troglodyte being driven down a conveyor built by robotic hands. This is a New World D.A.F. you can't dance to, a subterranean STOOGES, beatnik poetry transmitted back in time through radio sometime after World War III, a Ballardian nightmare for your ears.- peacedogman.com

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Year of Release: 1977
Genre: Electronic, Experimental, Minimal

Track List:
01 Ghost Rider (2:32)
02 Rocket U.S.A. (4:15)
03 Cherree (3:46)
04 Johnny (2:08)
05 Girl (3:20)
06 Frankie Teardrop (10:24)
07 Che (4:50)
08 Cheree (remix) (3:48)
09 I Remember (3:11)
10 Keep Your Dreams (4:49)

Download: Suicide
Download size: 185,3 mb


François said...

Thanks for this classic, been looking for it.

Dolph said...

Great post -- anyone intrigued by the descriptions should definitely hear the album.

Nazz Nomad said...

this is so perfect for the end of this freakin' week.
mental illness tunes indeed.

Kyri said...

*obligary comment*

DM always delivers when it comes to checking out new tunes. will give a proper listen tonight. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this album. I already have a copy, but it's always good to get more people in on it.

Shally said...

Thanks Fill, this is good stuff

Fill said...

I also got second album , and "American Supreme". I will post it soon

Anonymous said...

if you like this, aside from alan vega's solo work, (which is just stunning) there's a great recording he did with alex chilton and ben vaughn called cubist blues; if you don't have that, try to track it down---it's fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Loop does a great cover of Rocket USA

Anonymous said...

This album ist one of my favorites, a milestone for progressive electronical music. It stands (for me) in one line with the early Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, SPK, D.A.F. and 39 Clocks.

Thanks for sharing.

Melvillain said...

Awesome album! Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Afternoon, fill.

You mentioned the possibility of uploading The Second Album along with American Supreme? I would really appreciate the former, as it is impossible to find.

exile103 said...

Any chance of reposting this?

jmw said...

Could you upload this again? The link doesn't work anymore.

Andy Rampage said...

seems i 'missed' this unheard "Classic".. any CHANCE, my dear sir, Of a RE POST?? DANKE!