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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Devo - Greatest Hits

Hello folks! Sorry for long time between posts. I was workin all week without a holiday. But this post is worth your waiting. Ladys and Gentelmens, this is great , genius , music innovators - DEVO.
They did a big infuenses for next generations of music bands, even now your can heard something from Devo in the music of many modern day rockers and electronic musicants. Its not a rock, its not a new-wave , its not a punk, but something near this, somethig very unique , great and catchy. Devo got a very good skills in playing their music instruments. Just watch some their live shows, its very energetic, very strong and clean. Usually a rock/elecronic bands sounds good in records , but the sound at live shows are very poor. But not Devo. At the live shows they played less electronic samples than in records, and more live guitar and drums sounds. So, this is a compilation of they most known hits. Especially it is very good for you if you are not familar with this band.

Even after all of the musical trends, fads, waves, genres, and sub-genres, Devo still sound fresh. There was a certain zeal and enthusiasm that went into works like "Satisfaction," "Through Being Cool," and "Gates of Steel" that belied all of their cynicism. "Greatest Hits plays exactly like its title suggests--Devo's radio hits at their finest. While they may never have succeeded in completely de- evolutionizing man, music, or machine, Devo brought an urgency--as well as a new way of looking at the pop craft--to "Peek-A-Boo!" "Beautiful World," and yes, even "Whip It." Thankfully, "Jocko Homo" and "Gut Feeling" are included, as is the spastic "Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA." Other fine moments can be found on Greatest Misses. --Steve Gdula

And here another review. Its just a some of customer review from Amazon. When I read it I thought it cool and funny.

1. Devo is insanely cool. 2. Awesome cover of "Satisfaction." 3. It is proof of Devo's pioneer work in pop syncopation. 4. "Girl U Want" maybe Devo's finest work. 5. Awesome instrumental lead in to "Gut Feeling." 6. This collection hits all the early materpieces. 7. This collection plus "Greatest Misses," makes for an awesome Devo library. 8. It has "Whip It" on it, like...duh. 9. It will probably really annoy your wife. 10. Devo is insanely cool.

Year of Release:
New-Wave, Pop, Rock
Bitrate: 160kbps

Track list
1.Here to Go - (Go mix)
2.Through Being Cool
3.Big Mess
4.That's Good
5.Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth
7.Beautiful World
9.Whip It
10.Girl U Want
11.Freedom of Choice
12.Smart Patrol/Mr. D.N.A.
13.Gut Feeling
14.Gates of Steel
15.Working in the Coalmine
16.Jocko Homo

Download: Devo-Greatest Hits
Download size: 64,6 mb


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Thanks for this, and for being one of the coolest blogs around!!