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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Shamen - Drop

Link Fixed 8/22/08

Year of Release: 1987
Label: Moksha
Genre: Alternative
Style: Psychedelic Pop

Track Listing:
1. "Something About You"
2. "Passing Away"
3. "Young 'til Yesterday"
4. "World Theatre"
5. "Through With You"
6. "Where Do You Go"
7. "Do What You Will"
8. "Happy Days"
9. "Through My Window"
10. "Velvet Box"
11. "I Don't Like The Way The World Is"
12. "Other Side"
13. "Four Letter Girl"
14. "The Other Side"

Before Scottish group The Shamen hit it big with dance tunes like "move any mountain" and producing thumping acid house, they were a great psychedelic rock band. The music on this release doesn't have that raw feel of garage, but a more refined polished studio sound reminiscent of bands like Love or Pink Floyd. This is a great collection of songs about perception, mind expansion,mysticism and yes, politics. They had this great way of layering the guitars over the beat and utilizing various textures and tones that worked very well with their softly sung lyrical harmonies. All in all, this is a nice glimpse into the mind of the group before they discovered ecstasy and became a techno trance machine. I appreciate this release more than any of there later material because the musicianship involved. The dance albums they went on to produce, while good, seem so automated in comparison.

Link fixed!
Download: The Shamen - Drop
Download size: 66.87 MB


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