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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Bells Shall Sound Forever

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Sweet Farewell
Genre: Apocalyptic Folk, Compilation

TThe Bells Shall Sound Forever is a wonderful tribute to the godfathers of apocalyptic folk, Current 93. Fifteen bands contribute deeply moving renditions of some of your favorite songs on this incredible collection. Their is no attempt to merely imitate the originals here. David Tibet's masterful prose shines throughout, while retaining the individual band's styles. With such strong writing, I suppose the work of covering a song isn't nearly as hard. I didn't really expect to like this collection of covers of my favorite band, but I must say this is a really well put together effort and I highly recommend it to fans and newcomers alike. The sound quality is amazing. Below are the lyrics to "Soft Black Stars", just one of the sadly romantic tunes contained within. Enjoy.

Little children snuggle under soft black stars
And if you look into their eyes soft black stars
Deliver them from the book and the letter and the word
And let them read the silence bathed in soft black stars
Let them trace the raindrops under soft black stars
Let them follow whispers and scare away the night
Let them kiss the featherbreath of soft black stars
And let them ride their horses licked by the wind and the snow
And tip-toe into twilight where we all one day will go
Caressed with tenderness and with no fear at all
Their faces shining river gold brushed by soft black stars
And angels' wings shall soothe their cares
And all the birds shall sing at dawn
Blessed and wet with joy
You and i will meet one day
Under the night sky lit by soft black stars

Track List:
1 Sonne - Hagal The Death Of The Corn (4:31)
2 Paradis - Calling For Vanished Faces I (2:40)
3 Dorien Campbell - A Sadness Song (3:56)
4 Vequinox - Earth Covers Earth (4:28)
5 Engelsstaub - Happy Birthday Pigface Christus (3:22)
6 Cawatana - A Song For Douglas After He's Dead (4:45)
7 Storm Of Capricorn - Crowleymass (4:25)
8 Der Feuerkreiner - Soft Black Stars (4:20)
9 Well Of Sadness - The Dogun (4:06)
10 Pancreatic Aardvarks - Judas As Black Moth (4:39)
11 Leisur Hive - Immortal Bird (4:33)
12 Lisa Toulouse - Christ And The Pale Queens (Mushroom Clouds Vision) (7:17)
13 Weihan - All The Pretty Little Horses (2:53)
14 Exit - The Blue Gates Of Death (5:43)
15 Decadence - Ach Golgota (Es Ist Vollbracht) (4:14)

Download: The Bells Shall Sound Forever
Download size: 65 MB


Zer0_II said...

Hi - just discovered your blog, and it's fantastic. I've just downloaded this album, and it's a very interesting listen. However, it seems as if one track is missing. Track 12 by Lisa Toulouse, also appears as track 10, and the original track 10 by the Pancreatic Aardvarks (great name) is missing. Any chance you could do a repost with the correct tracklist? Many thanks in advance,