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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Black Flag - Damaged

Year of Release: 1981
Label: SST
Genre: Hardcore

1. Rise Above
2. Spray Paint
3. Six Pack
4. What I See
5. TV Party
6. Thirsty and Miserable
7. Police Story
8. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
9. Depression
10. Room 13
11. Damaged II
12. No More
13. Padded Cell
14. Life of Pain
15. Damaged I

While my previous post, "Just West Coast", was a collection of microtonal compositions performed on guitar and harp, This west coast harcore band also made interesting use of microtonal intervals and odd tempo changes. Greg Ginn, the guitarist and only constant in the band throughout the years, was a fan of freeform jazz and made heavy use of microtonal structures in his guitar solos. This, their debut studio album, was simply astounding. The raw, heavy, garage sound pumped out by the band, accompanied by Henry Rollins howling vocal assault cut straight to the bone. Essentially, this seems an album of protest songs aimed at the lazy, disaffected youth of the day...songs about misery, pain, desperation and self-destruction. The band toured relentlessly during the eighties, put out several independently released albums and inspiring local bands to never give up. There influence seems to continually spread. I have asked myself, over the years, why Black Flag? What does it mean to fly a black flag? I believe the following quote sums it up nicely.

"Why is our flag black? Black is a shade of negation. The black flag is the negation of all flags. It is a negation of nationhood which puts the human race against itself and denies the unity of all humankind. Black is a mood of anger and outrage at all the hideous crimes against humanity perpetrated in the name of allegiance to one state or another. It is anger and outrage at the insult to human intelligence implied in the pretenses, hypocrisies, and cheap chicaneries of governments.

Black is also a color of mourning; the black flag which cancels out the nation also mourns its victims the countless millions murdered in wars, external and internal, to the greater glory and stability of some bloody state. It mourns for those whose labo r is robbed (taxed) to pay for the slaughter and oppression of other human beings. It mourns not only the death of the body but the crippling of the spirit under authoritarian and hierarchic systems; it mourns the millions of brain cells blacked out with never a chance to light up the world. It is a color of inconsolable grief.

But black is also beautiful. It is a color of determination, of resolve, of strength, a color by which all others are clarified and defined. Black is the mysterious surrounding of germination, of fertility, the breeding ground of new life which always evolves, renews, refreshes, and reproduces itself in darkness. The seed hidden in the earth, the strange journey of the sperm, the secret growth of the embryo in the womb all these the blackness surrounds and protects.

So black is negation, is anger, is outrage, is mourning, is beauty, is hope, is the fostering and sheltering of new forms of human life and relationship on and with this earth. The black flag means all these things. We are proud to carry it, sorry we hav e to, and look forward to the day when such a symbol will no longer be necessary."
~Howard Ehrlich

Download: Black Flag - Damaged
Download size: 31 MB zip file


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