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Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Electric Moog Orchestra - Music From Star Wars

One of the visitors here requested the album 'Music From Close Encounters of the Third Kind', which I was able to find and post here. This would be my introduction to the Electric Moog Orchestra, and as a fan of early electronic moog synthesizer, it was a pleasant discovery indeed. While doing research on the group, I was excited to learn that they had also released other albums in the same vein. That excitement reached a peak when I discovered that they had released 'Music From Star Wars', which happens to be one of my favorite movies. Up until this point I was only able to find a couple of mp3 files from the ablum, which only wet my appetite for more. After searching high and low I finally managed to get my hands on this little gem.

I'm sure that you are all familiar with the original music from Star Wars, written and conducted by the legendary John Williams. The original songs were very powerful and brass-heavy. In contrast, these songs tend to be more erratic by nature. The songs usually mirror the original at the start, but at times they trail off into a more loosely orchestrated and abstract sound. The moog synthesizer obviously contributes to the more 'spaced out' sound, and while it isn't as complimentary on this album as it was on Music From Close Encounters, it certainly doesn't detract from the overall concept.

The low point of this album for me would have to be the 'Imperial Attack' track. I love the moog synthesizer, but I feel that it just isn't capable of creating that feeling of impending doom the way brass instruments can. However, the moog really shines on 'Cantina Band', which was easily my favorite track on this album. If you're a fan of either Star Wars, or early synthesizer music, then do yourself a favor and download this.

Year of Release: 1977
Label: Musicor Records
Genre: Electronic, Experimental
Bitrate: 256kbps

Track List:
1. Main Title
2. Princess Leia's Theme
3. Imperial Attack
4. Ben's Death and Tie Fighter Attack
5. Cantina Band
6. The Throne Room and End Titles

Download: The Electric Moog Orchestra - Music From Star Wars
Download Size: 42MB


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Anonymous said...

I had to get this one. Just too curious and too big a fan of early electronic music not to. I love the Cantina Music segment. In fact, they should have used that piece for the film (or hired these guys to do it at least). Thanks!