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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two Peas from Ohio

Pere Ubu - Waiting For Mary 12" 45rpm ep

Coming off the Ohio Players, I don’t feel like moving far afield for the letter P. Here’s a band from Ohio, from Cleveland to be more precise, that needs no introduction...Pere Ubu.

Year of Release:1989
Label: Fontana UBU DJX 212
Genre: Avant-garage

Side A -
Waiting For Mary (What Are We Doing Here?)
Side B -
Wine Dark Sparks

Download: Pere Ubu - Waiting for Mary 12“ 45rpm ep
Download Size: 20MB (ripped from vinyl at 320Kbps)

Penny's Scar - Pleasures

Penny Moorhed was born in Seville,Spain. She is of French/American descent. She is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been in the bands Penny Moorhed & EOS. She is currently primarily a solo artists. Her musick is haunting, sexy, experimental. Much of her newer musick is on her Soundclick site, but Pleasures is no longer available.

The last time I went back to Pennsylvania, to see my mother shortly before she died, I saw Penny Moorhed in a small club in Ohio. That must have been in 2004. I got a CDR from her that I have always associated with that journey. Her unique blend of sounds & her haunting storytelling technique is what really lifts this up.

Penny has appeared as guest vocalist on Visible Breath’s Degrees of Light singing the song “Frightened Whisper" & Brooklyn Brawler’s Only the Dead Know Brooklyn:The Prelude on the track “Name of God”. You may not have heard this artist before, but give her a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Year of Release: 2004?
Label: Penny’s Scar CDR
Genre: Acoustic

Take Me Tonight
Wake Up
For Love
Take Your Time
Follow the Devil
Tumbling All the Way
Feels So Good
No More Crying
I Want More
Hold On (original version)
(This is) My Story
It’s Almost Time

Download: Penny’s Scar - Pleasures
Download Size: 169MB


derhet said...

Thank you for the Pere Ubu.

roc said...

Wonderful post. Thanks Nathan.


To derhet,
Since most Ubu is available in one form or another various places, it's hard to come up with something. Although these tracks would later be on cloudland, this is a legitimate release that is not readily available. Glad you liked it.
To roc,
Hope you checked out Penny's Scar. I think it is really good.

flageolette said...

Great news to me..
Thank you


ib said...

Ditto derhart on the Ubu.

Unknown said...

i really want to check out Penny's Scar, but the link is dead. Could you please re-upload that one?


thanks for letting me know about the link to Penny's Scar. A lot goes into posting up a selection & then if I don't get around to checking the link, there goes all the work. i really appreciate when someone such as yourself takes the time to let me know. I got a 'file expired' notice from ifile.it even though the file showed regular d'ling. I posted it up on mediafire this time, see if it lasts. thanks again for the heads-up on the dead link.