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Friday, October 24, 2008

Jerry Goldsmith - The Omen OST + 3 Cover Versions of Ave Satani

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm going to post a few classic horror soundtracks/scores before the Halloween countdown is over. I will be keeping these posts short and sweet seeing as how these soundtracks are famous throughtout the world, and there isn't much that I can write about them that hasn't already been written. This will also give me more time to finish putting together my finale for the countdown.

The score to The Omen is a great example of a score that is able to rise above and beyond the movie that it was written for. Without this score The Omen wouldn't have glued audiences to their theatre seats in terror in 1976. It is easily one of the most frightening scores ever composed for a horror movie, and ranks as one of the best scores written during the long and distinguished career of prolific composer Jerry Goldsmith. Goldsmith won the Oscar for Best Original Score in 1976, which would also be the only Oscar that Goldsmith received in his career. Ave Satani was also nominated for best song, which makes it one of the few Non-English songs to ever be nominated for an Oscar.

As a bonus I have also included three covers of Ave Satani, all of which are unique from the original, yet excellent in their own right. The first one is performed by Fantômas from the "Director's Cut" album, the second by Gregorian from the album "The Dark Side", and the last by Death SS from the album "Come to the Sabbath".

Track List:
1. Ave Satani
2. The New Ambassador
3. Killer's Storm
4. A Sad Message
5. The Demise of Mrs. Baylock
6. Don't Let Him
7. The Piper Dreams
8. The Fall
9. Safari Park
10. The Dog's Attack
11. The Homecoming
12. The Altar

Download: Jerry Goldsmith - The Omen OST
Download Size: 31MB

Bonus Tracks:
Fantômas - The Omen (Ave Satani) (3MB)
Gregorian - Ave Satani (5MB)
Death SS - Ave Satani (5MB)


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