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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zombies ate my Network

As some of you may have already noticed, the Digital Meltd0wn social network is down at the moment. I'm sure that it isn't a problem with the host site (Ning) because all of the other networks hosted by them are still up and running. I fear that it may have been taken down due to some of the content on the network, but it is impossible for me to be sure at the moment. I have sent several e-mails to the Ning team, but I have yet to receive any type of response other than an automated e-mail informing me that "the Ning developers have received my inquiry and will address my concerns promptly". I will inform you of any news concerning the network as soon as I receive it, and should the network come back online, I will send out an e-mail to all of the members. If for some reason the network does not come back online, I will pursue other options for creating another community. I still have plans to get a domain for Digital Meltd0wn eventually, which would eliminate such problems in the future, but for the moment we can only wait.


Anonymous said...

Curious! At any rate, I am glad to hear that it was, perhaps, some sort of take down rather than an abandonment. Great job with all of the countdown posts! Head's up...I have recently suffered a hard drive failure resulting in the loss of the majority of my digital music collection. I am slowly getting my OS back in order, and will continue to post as I find time. This week I am on vacation. Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, Hallowscream at Busch Gardens and SpookyEmpire's Ultimate Horror Weekend (where I hope to at least get a glimpse of Malcolm McDowell). ~P

Anonymous said...

I hope Ning social network is up and running again very soon. And excellent halloween posts!

J-Unit 1 said...


Me and Roy have been going back and forth regarding what happened to the network. I too am glad to hear that it is something on the ning side of things rather than abandonment :)
Keep me in the loop regarding any relaunch please.


roy rocket said...

Aah, I see.
Well let's just hope your Feds aren't pouring over the content in too much detail - joke...?
Keep well. And keep up the good work: many of your horror posts are out of this world!
Shanti, roy

Zer0_II said...

It disappoints me that some of you might think that I would abandon the network without any notice to all of the members there. I admit that the network wasn't as active as I hoped it would be, but I would never abandon any project of mine in such a way. I know that a lot of people, myself included, worked very hard to add content to the network, contribute to the forum, and customize their profiles. I would never do anything so blatantly disrespectful to the people who have placed such trust in me.

I still have yet to hear anything from anyone on the ning team. I will be sure to inform you all of any news concerning this matter as soon as it is made available to me.

J-Unit 1 said...


No offense was meant by the comment, sorry if you took it that way. I figured that you would have said something if you planned on taking it down, but I wasn't sure what was up.