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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Buckethead - Population Override

I was planning on posting this next week, but since someone on a forum I frequent requested it, and the Giant Robot album by him got downloaded more than any other album on this blog, here's Population Override...

Population Override shows off still another side of the enigmatic virtuoso Buckethead. In the past, he seemed to sway between seriously heavy metal (like Cuckoo Clocks of Hell), more contemplative works (like Electric Tears), and drum'n'bass or electronica-influenced albums (like Day of the Robot and Bermuda Triangle). Featuring Travis Dickerson on keys and Pinchface on drums (and Buckethead on guitars and basses), Population Override is as close to an instrumental early Funkadelic album as almost anyone has gotten (think "Maggot Brain). These are actually tunes, not just riffing showcases, and Buckethead plays with an astonishing sense of depth and feeling; there are very few of his trademark hyperspeed licks. "Unrestrained Growth" uses a riff close to "Cosmic Slop," and "Too Many Humans" evokes the same melancholy that Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing" does. "A Day Will Come" adds a bit more crunch to the guitar, while "Humans Vanish" is a delicate solo guitar piece, and he finishes with a pretty straight blues on "...." All in all, this is Buckethead's most consistent, enjoyable work, with great playing and almost none of the flash he has displayed on previous releases. (Year of Release: 2004)

Track List:
1. Unrestrained Growth
2. Too Many Humans
3. Population Override
4. Humans Vanish
5. Cruel Reality Of Nature
6. A Day Will Come
7. Earth Heals Herself
8. Clones
9. Super Human
10. ...

Download: Buckethead - Population Override (76.2MB)


Anonymous said...

i'm a big fan of les claypool & everyone evolving around him
so this album is most welcome

have a nice day


Floyd Edwards said...

Thanks mate, Buckethead is awesome in every way possible.