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Friday, September 29, 2006

The Dictators - New York, New York

I can't say enough about this album. It has quickly become one of the favorites in my collection. It's hard to define exactly the type of music the Dictators played. At times they sound punk, at others metal, and sometimes they just churn out good old classic rock. One thing you can be certain of is the Dictators definitely rocked, and rocked hard.

Liner Notes by Richard Meltzer (1981) and Andy Shernoff (1998). All songs recorded live to a two track Dokorder on February 11, 1981 at a night club performance, except bonus tracks, which are from a board tape from a live concert at the Ritz in early '80's. Bonus tracks mastered by Andy Shernoff at Sterling Sound 1998.

On February 11, 1981, John Hanti and I (we were booking the Club 80's on the Upper East Side) traveled with a two track Dokorder to a live Dictators reunion to record the band. Neither of us really knew what we were doing - but the results were fabulous, the band cooked and ROIR cassette A102, The Dictators Live - Fuck 'Em If They Can't Take a Joke was born - and quickly released. It was a big success and helped launch the young ROIR cassette label in the small (then) indie community and, according to Cashbox Magazine (June 1990), helped "elevate the Dictators to mythical status."

So, now we have the original cassette remastered for CD, plus three live bonus tracks selected and mastered by Andy Shernoff from an early '80's performance at the Ritz in NYC.

Track List:
1. Next Big Thing
2. Science Gone Too Far
3. Weekend
4. Rock And Roll Made A Man Out Of Me
5. Two-Tub Man
6. Moon Upstairs
7. Loyola
8. What Goes On
9. New York New York
10. Search And Destroy
11. Borneo Jimmy
12. Minnesota Strip
13. Master Race Rock
14. Baby Let's Twist
15. Faster And Louder

Download: Dictators - New York, New York (81.5MB)


Anonymous said...

Keep the rocking tunes comeing Zer0_II, we can't get enough. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This looks interesting I remember go girl crazy from earlish punk days

Zer0_II said...

I've listened to a few of their studio albums, although not all of them, but I think this one leaves the others in the dust.

Slobodan Burgher said...

Like this a lot.

milo said...

If they tour again, see them! They put on a great show. A truly under-appreciated band.

Music2Jby said...

great stuff. I always liked the Dicators and then the Del-Lords. just found your blog and it has some great stuff on it.

Thanks - The J

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaaah,Slobo is everywhere where is a good music.
I know only two studio albums of Dictators and this is superb,
I look forward to old SHAKIN´STREET
Karlos,Czech Rep.