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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Damned - Damned, Damned, Damned

Released in early 1977, Damned, Damned, Damned was one of the first punk albums issued and it remains a certified punk classic. Unlike the work of such contemporaries as the Adverts and Slaughter and the Dogs, this stunning debut sounds as fresh and vital today as it did in 1977. The album blasts off with the searing "Neat Neat Neat," a raging slab of buzzsaw guitars, crashing drums, and the sneering vocals of Dave Vanian that ranks among the 20 best punk songs of the era. Never as political as the Sex Pistols or the Clash, the Damned were the original cartoon punks, merrily ripping through such cheerful songs as "Born to Kill," "Stab Your Back," and "Fish" with reckless abandon, playing punk rock for the simple joy of making loud, aggressive music. Other highlights include the group's anthemic hit single, "New Rose," a pounding track that's powered by a monster riff from guitarist Brian James, and a swell rendition of the Stooges' "I Feel Alright." Produced by Nick Lowe (who allegedly sped up the original tapes to give the Damned a "punkier" sound), Damned Damned Damned is essential for any fan of UK or West Coast punk. (Year of Release: 1977)

Track List:
1. Neat Neat Neat
2. Fan Club
3. I Fall
4. Born To Kill
5. Stab Your Back
6. Feel The Pain
7. New Rose
8. Fish
9. See Her Tonite
10. 1 Of The 2
11. So Messed Up
12. I Feel Alright

Download: The Damned - Damned, Damned, Damned (28.9MB)


Daddy Rich said...

Always a great album. Has blogger been sucking for updates for you as well? I tried to update my page today and it took all morning to get just 3 albums up.

Zer0_II said...

Yeah, blogger has been giving me major problems also, which is one of the reasons I've been slow to update. It took me well over an hour to get the Buckethead - Giant Robot album posted. Hopefully they'll iron out the kinks soon.

Anonymous said...

the Damned - the Vibrators - MC5 and the Dictators all under one roof - fuck me I've died and gone to heaven!

thanks for the music, keep it real

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention Iggy as well!

Anonymous said...

the Damned were and are still years ahead of the Sex Pistols & Co. they were the 1st English punk band to released a single and after that, an album!
plus their music and the majority of their lps have stood the test of time (it's not the case with the Pistols!)