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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Electric Frankenstein - The Time Is Now!

Here's The Time Is Now! by Electric Frankenstein as requested by Cordoron. This is the first official full length LP from the Jersey punk quintet. Already known to legitimate punks via their numerous singles (see "EF Conquers the World"), this album shows how punk is supposed to be.. stripped down, raw, no fancy tricks. Just rock 'n' roll. The beauty of this record is that it is stripped down without a loss of intensity. Every single word is screamed by vocalist Steve Miller. The rhythm section provides constant momentum for the chunky power chord guitar work. The opener "Teenage Shutdown" is an incredibly driving song, reinstating the punk guitar solo as a credible component of songwriting. The slow, rumbling title track conveys its sense of urgency with lines like "the time is now, so don't be late." Similar themes are expressed in "Superstar" with the imperative line "We gotta wake up this generation." The boys continue to praise 50's horror flicks with "I Want More" and "EF Theme." The latter uses the Frankenstein creature as a metaphor for people who are comfortable with their eccentricities, while delivering clever phrases such as "My mother was electricity, my father was a corpse." A great throwback to the way punk used to be before it was commercialized.
(Year of Release: 1995)

Track List:
1. Teenage Shutdown
2. The Time Is Now!
3. Superstar
4. Right On Target
5. I Want More
6. Demolition Joyride
7. EF Theme
8. Fast & Furious
9. Rise And Crash
10. We Are The Dangerous
11. Too Much For You
12. A Sweet Sickness

Electric Frankenstein - The Time Is Now!   (88.5MB at 320Kbps)


Sebastián Ríos said...

Can you reupload this album??


to Sebastián Ríos,

You're wish is my command. I re-upped & at 320Kbps. Enjoy.