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Friday, February 15, 2008

Pain Teens - Stimulation Festival

Underground noise-rockers Pain Teens were just developing a national identity when Stimulation Festival, their second collection of new material, was released by Trance Syndicate. Similar to the group's previous official releases (and their many '80s self-released cassettes), this 1991 effort is pasted together with Scott Ayers' strange tape loops/guitar experiments and vocalist Bliss Blood's detached ruminations detailing all things shocking and unmentionable. Death, struggle, and female health/physiology are subjects typically covered either directly or metaphorically.. that is, depending on how you read the song titles, as Ayers' sonic monstrosities often drown out Blood's missives. A unique and prolific outfit, Pain Teens cast out discs like Stimulation Festival for over a decade, to the delight of many extreme rock fanatics. However, recommending one of the group's recordings over another is difficult due to the lack of definitive songs or performances. Having said that, Stimulation Festival would be a fine introduction for new fans, as it is nothing if not representative of Pain Teens' sonic assault.
(Year of Release: 1992)

Track List:
1. Shallow Hole
2. The Dead Cannot
3. God Told Me
4. The Poured Out Blood
5. Drowning
6. Living Hell
7. Indiscreet Jewels
8. Wild World
9. Daughter Of Chaos
10. Evil Dirt
11. Brusied
12. Dog Spirits
13. Hangman's Rope
14. Apartment #213

Download: Pain Teens - Stimulation Festival (68MB)


surfmadpig said...

wow, i've been looking for some pain teens for years now... thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

i saw the pain teens many times...as far as im concerned, they never released anything that came close to hinting at how good they really were...live, they were amazing...

bliss blood, one of my all time favorites...i, and many others, literally drooled over her..

the vast majority of their recordings sound more like 4 track demos with big doses of general screwing around, as compared with the live sound...

woulda, coulda, shoulda been bigger than they were...

Anonymous said...

thanks,was mentioning this to a freind a couple of days ago..saw them a few times also(once with brutal truth)jc