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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Various Artists - Attack of the One-Man Bands

Attack of the One-Man Bands is exactly that, 58 different one-man bands spread over two discs of raw, crude, and fascinatingly brilliant blasts of sonic madness. So unhinged that it's probably a serious health risk, this set delivers cut after cut of glorious bedlam with all the subtlety of an amplified jackhammer set loose in a glass house. Each of these one-man bands is currently active, and while most are decidedly lo-fi, even the ones who wandered into real studios seem to treat them like giant boom boxes. While a good deal of what is here is vicious punk rockabilly like Phillip Roebuck's crude, spare, and dangerously kinetic "Jackass Blues" or Pete Yorko & the One Man Music Band's "Like Me" assault, some of it, like Royer's One Man Band's version of the fiddle classic "Train on the Island" or 1Man Banjo's deconstruction of "Mole in the Ground" (simply called "Mole" here), is seriously bent and skewed bluegrass mountain music. Trainwreck Washington's banjo piece called "Walked All Night" sounds like an old wax cylinder field recording, and feels like it was recorded a hundred years ago. Uncle Butcher's "No Judge, No Trial" is as raw and unhinged as they come. Then there's the Amazing Elephant Man's primal "Can't Go Outside," which is literally a child's frustrated rant given rhythm and electricity. Scary, unsettling, fascinating, delightful, vital, urgent and insistent, these 58 tracks are somehow oddly comforting despite all their abrasiveness.

Year of Release: 2007
Label: Rock N Roll Purgatory
Genre: Punk, Blues, Bluegrass
Bitrate: 128kbps

Track List:
1. I Know I'm Gonna Die Tonight (But I Don't Care) - Foul, Al
2. Been Tellin' Lies - Bloodshot Bill
3. Jackass Blues - Roebuck, Phillip
4. Milwaukee Blues - Tussing, Rollie
5. If You Love Me - Lonesome Joseph
6. You Can't Fool Me [Live] - Slim Sandy
7. Walkin' and A-Steppin' in the Fire - King Louie
8. Howlin' - "Haunted" George
9. Stay out and Down - Sachtrash
10. Troublin' Time - Fredovitch One Man Band
11. Mole - 1Man Banjo
12. I Fuckin' Suck (In G Maj.) - Toothless George
13. Train on the Island - Royer's One Man Band
14. Long Gone, Dead and Done - Dead Elvis & The One Man Grave
15. Wild Party - Mr. Bonz One Man Band
16. Introducing Chuck Violence - Chuck Violence
17. Lust - Dennis Hopper Choppers
18. Rhythm & Soul - Riddlebarger, Bram & His Lonesome Band
19. Walked All Night - Trainwreck Washington
20. Preacher's Daughter - Ghostwriter
21. Que Viva La Chava - Strange, Esmerelda
22. Lying in State - Marinelli, J.
23. Too Much Bad in My Blood (To Be Good) - Big One Man Band
24. When You're Far Away - Long Boy Larsen
25. I'm Buried Alive - Mississippi Grover
26. Drinking Every Night - Twang Tango
27. Purgatory Rock - Slow Poisoner
28. Kyleeee - Stringybark McDowell
29. Hang On - BBQ
30. Nothing to Do - Novak, Jeffrey
31. Snake Boy Lives in the Mississippi - El Paso Hot Button
32. Abscond - Jensen, Skip & His Shakin' Feet
33. Fuck Me I'm Poor - Guitar Fucker
34. Bloddy Fucking Cunt - Reverend Beat-Man
35. Rock N' Roll Party with the One Man Band - Schooley, John
36. You Got to Love - Fabulous Go-Go Boy From Alabama
37. I Don't Give a Fuck - King Automatic
38. Lo Ride - Ottoboy The One Man Trash Band
39. The Lord Told Me You Got Fat - Brennan's, Reverend J.
40. Revenge - Feeling Of Love
41. Music for the Asses - Urban Junior
42. Bad Anna - Limbs
43. No Judge, No Trial - Uncle Butcher
44. Angry Heart - Junior Disorder
45. Black Bowtie - Sheriff Perkins
46. Plow You Under - Biram, Scott H.
47. Who's Gonna Rub Me? - Rod, Margaret Doll
48. You're Wrong - Almighty Do Me A Favor
49. Business - Lone Bird
50. Like Me - Yorko, Pete & The One Man Music Band
51. Little Darling - Lowebow, Johnny
52. Hellfire Down - Reverend Deadeye
53. Alien Novelty Song - Rocket Craig
54. Laser Beams - Mosquito Bandito
55. Guitarra Míssil - O Lendario Chucrobillyman
56. Can't Go Outside - Amazing Elephant Man
57. So Alone - One Hand Man
58. Do Your Own Thing - Cancer, Johnny

Download: Attack of the One-Man Bands (CD1) (69MB)
Download: Attack of the One-Man Bands (CD2) (69MB)


Anonymous said...

Hi, i tried to download kraftwerk's Autobahn,
MassMirror says the file is deleted,
is there a way to solve this problem?

thanks for your terrific site!
the happy researcher

Anonymous said...

Hi, i tried to download kraftwerk's Autobahn,
MassMirror says the file is deleted,
is there a way to solve this problem?

thanks for your terrific site!
the happy researcher

Anonymous said...


Very cool that you reviewed/posted Attack Of the One-Man Bands. In fact, if you'd like a copy of my full-length CD to put up here, please let me know.


J Marinelli

Matias said...

I can't believe that O Lendário Chucrobillyman is not in this compilation! check him out: http://www.myspace.com/chucrobillyman

Zer0_II said...

J Marinelli: I'd love to get a copy of your full-length CD. Thank you for gracing us with your presence. It's always a pleasure to hear from one of the artists involved, and even more of a pleasure for one of them to pass on a copy of their work and allow me to post it.

Anonymous: I'll see if I can reupload Autobahn. If I have it on my harddrive it won't be a problem, but if it's backed up onto a DVD it may take a while because I let someone borrow my backups.

matias: I haven't heard of Chucrobillyman, but I'll be sure to check into him. Thanks for the information.

Dr. Schluss said...

Hi ZerO_ii,
This is a lot more analog than digital, but you might just dig (and maybe want to make a post for) my new electronic creations. Check out my very Moogy tones here:

-Dr. Schluss (Damaged Tape)

Anonymous said...

Zero i found another deleted file at MassMirror,
it's BornBad Vol.4, could you please reupload it,
this is a wonderful serie, would love to enjoy
number 4.
thanks alot.

Anonymous said...

Whaddya mean he's not on here?
"55. Guitarra Míssil - O Lendario Chucrobillyman"

funkyaeroplane said...

What a great compilation.


Anonymous said...

Many Thanks for the whole DigitalMeltdOwn blog.