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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Supercharger - Goes Way Out

Supercharger's Goes Way Out gained instant access into the trash rock pantheon. From the recorded in a kitchen sound and ringing guitar feedback sequels to the bratty singing and pissed-off lyrics, this album is like a guidebook on playing and recording minimalist punk rock. Starting out with a loud B-movie warning of alien invasion, the album assaults the senses with low-budget riffs and a 1950s rock sound that has a gutbucket level honesty proving this power trio's members are purists at heart. Cynical anger drips off the crudely tuned guitars and the subject matter of tunes like "You Irritate Me," "Buzz Off," "Bailin' Out," and "Get Out of My House" sounds like a domestic argument on COPS. The brilliance of Goes Way Out is its rhythmic intensity. Harnessing the snarl of the overdriven guitar sound, they throttle the songs by driving them with chunky poppy power chords. Opting for a mistakes-be-damned, balls-out approach, the energy level equals the volume on each track and covers many blemishes with raw enthusiasm. When Supercharger locks in on the song "Cindy Lou" with its pumping tempo, they are channeling a primal energy that fuels all great rock & roll performances. The one musical technique that Supercharger possesses on this release is the band is tight. The crisp togetherness easily sells their simplicity as a tough and spirited sound. Like the Ramones and the New York Dolls, they find freedom in their limitations, and Goes Way Out further champions the cause of the anti-musician's musician.
(Year of Release: 1996)

Track List
1. Super X
2. No Sleep
3. Way Out
4. It's Alright
5. Buzz Off
6. You Irritate Me
7. I Took A Ride
8. Bailin' Out
9. Knockout
10. One Way Street
11. Sick To Death
12. Get Out Of My House
13. Sissy Jerk
14. Cindy Lou

Download: Supercharger - Goes Way Out (23.7MB)


Anonymous said...

SPRCHRGR_GS_WY_OT.rar is not RAR archive
No files to extract

Me only?

Zer0_II said...

I just downloaded it and tested it out. I didn't receive any type of error message. You might want to try downloading it again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for classic opus. Unfortunately, I'm not able to download it. It keep loading but no window popup to allow me to save.

Anonymous said...

Tried it 6 times,but now i got it. Still don't now what was the problem.

Anonymous said...

greeeaaaaat band!!! i'm really impressed! please, post the other record: supercharger (1991) which has been released in 1997 with bonus tracks. thank you.

Zer0_II said...

Perplex: I'm sorry you had so much trouble downloading this. I'm not sure what might have caused the problem. Perhaps the host was updating their servers?

Mauro: I have Supercharger. I'm going to post a few albums I had already planned on posting first, but I'll post it after I've finished with those.

Anonymous said...

the file is gone
any chance of a repost? thanks.

Jon B said...

yeah, repost?

Zer0_II said...

I've reuploaded this for those who requested it. Sorry for the delay.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. Finally!

Anonymous said...

this album rips so fucking hard. thanks for uploading it.

Anonymous said...

Great blog !

thanks a lot for the album, could you please upload their previous Supercharger


Zer0_II said...

@ anonymous: I'm sorry but I don't have a copy of Supercharger - Supercharger. I'll add it to my wishlist, and then post it if anyone is able to provide a copy.

Dr_Claussen said...

Fucking great album and a great blog. Cheers.