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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Charles Manson - Indestructible Spirit: An Anthology of Universal Thought

I couldn't fit the full title of this album in the subject line. It's actually called 'Indestructible Spirit: An Anothology of Universal Thought'. A close friend of mine put this 'best of' album together in order to introduce people to the Music of Charles Manson. This was originally posted on the Manson Music Blog, which has the majority of Manson's albums posted there, some of which are extremely rare. I apologize in advance if the cover offends anyone, but I'm not going to feel too bad about it because.. well it's a fucking Charles Manson album. What do you expect? Here's the original post which accompanied the album on his blog:

Ok, so here it is. Fully tagged with cover art and liner notes, the "best of" album of Charles Manson's music I've put together just for you. This album includes 15 tracks and spans about thirty years. I've included what I believe should be a good introduction to the music and thought of Charles Manson. The early session, prison tapes, spoken word, and even The Family after the trial are all here. I devoted the whole night to getting this right so let me know what you think. Even if you are a regular visitor and you have most of these albums I ask that you give this one a try. It's kind of cool to hear these songs side by side. Gives one a different perspective on them. Anyway, here you go, my gift to you and to Charlie. The first ever retrospective of his art.

Track List:
1. Always Is All Is Forever
2. Red Snake
3. Invisible Tears
4. Peace in Your Hear
5. Hallways of the Always
6. Oklahoma Angel Love
7. The Black Pirate
8. Sick City
9. No Wrong Come Along
10. My Feelings Begin to Growing
11. This Night Life
12. She Done Turned Me In
13. First They Made Me Sleep In The Closet/Scratchin' Peace Symbols
14. Hollywood Is Destroying the State of California (Spoken Word)
15. Always Is All Is Forever (Family Jams Version)

Download: Charles Manson - Indestructible Spirit (75.6MB)


Niall said...

The mind boggles how you post material from a legally confined lunatic.........now we all love music from people who were influenced by some substance or another...but please dont give credence to this awful individual,put this in context,would you have posted the Columbine 2 material (if their was some?)had they had lived after their slaughter in College....lets get real,we love music,but lets draw a line in the sand please !!

Marlone said...

Lighten up Niall. No one is condoning the nastiness he was involved with but why be precious about checking out his music?

I want to be the one who decides if I want to listen or not. I don't want that decision made for me.

I take freedom of speech very seriously.