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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Redd Kross - Show World

Here's some more Redd Kross for you all, as requested by Rancido.
Kicking off with an exuberant version of the L.A. power-pop classic that almost wasn't, "Pretty Please Me", and unsurprisingly Steve and Jeff McDonald and company rock the bastard to the ground with a smile this time around. Show World is yet more fun from a band who dedicates themselves to a smart good time. In ways, Redd Kross had found history catching up to them by this time; any number of bands had stumbled across the loud and brash '70s pop-punk approach that the group was known for. But the fact that they hadn't gotten the attention they deserved for it didn't keep them from still going at it with gusto; Bless their hearts. If songs like "You Lied Again" and "Vanity Mirror" didn't introduce any curveballs to the basic sound, they still sounded pretty damn fantastic, singalong energy overdriven up to ten and beyond. Slightly slower tracks like "Girl God," the mega-orchestrated ballad "Secret Life," and the handclap crazy "Follow the Leader" showcase the band's calmer side well enough -- again, no surprises, but none were expected or needed. Best song title of the bunch this time around: "One Chord Progression," which lives up to its name just so. "Teen Competition" lets them cock rock out with the best of them, but doesn't forget the sugar in the chorus even as the distortion completely screws with the mix at one point, while "Get Out of Myself" has one brilliant moment with so much hyper-flange that why the speakers don't melt upon contact is a mystery.
(Year of Release: 1987)

Track List:
1. Pretty Please Me
2. Stoned
3. You Lied Again
4. Girl God
5. Mess Around
6. One Chord Progression
7. Teen Competition
8. Follow the Leader
9. Vanity Mirror
10. Secret Life
11. Ugly Town
12. Get Out of Myself
13. Kiss the Goat

Download: Redd Kross - Show World (64.6MB)


Anonymous said...

Way cool! Thanx for all the great tuneage. Redd Kross is SUCH a great band. Do you have 'Third Eye' that you can post? Thanx again/

Zer0_II said...

I'm glad you liked it. I do have 'Third Eye', and I'll go ahead and post it and 'Neurotica' next.

Nazz Nomad said...

When this album came out, I was disappointed, especially after waiting so long after Third Eye. It was a little too much "pop" and not enough "power". It's grown on me over the years somewhat, but I think they hit their high point with Phaseshifter and Third Eye.

ps- I added you to my blogroll.

If you don't have it, I have LoveDolls Superstar available for d/l.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot! Great Blog. But SHOW WORLD was released in '97.