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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Victims - The Victims (No Thanks to the Human Turd) EP

Here's another offering of the Victims. This album is known by two different names; most commonly known as 'No Thanks to the Human Turd, but it is also referred to as their self titled EP. I originally found this on DC++, however someone left a comment mentioning that this EP could also be found on the Killed By Death Records site. After visiting it I've come to the conclusion that they must have been the original uploaders seeing how all the scans are included, so all credit goes to KBD for this one.

Classy title from a classy band. Continues where Televesion Addict left off but with a slightly more polished production. Four great tracks while the fifth drags on for 5:48. Ok it’s punk to be annoying right? You know that Dave Faulkner went on to Hoodo Gurus and all that.

Here’s all the scans for you to chew on. I scanned the innersleeve too since the guys wrote The Victims with a yellow pen on there and that’s rare. Record collector shit you know! - kbdrecords.com

(Year of Release: 1978)

Track List:
1. I Understand.mp3
2. Open Your Eyes.mp3
3. High School Girls.mp3
4. T.V. Freak.mp3
5. Disco Junkies.mp3

Download: The Victims - No Thanks to the Human Turd (12.9MB)


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