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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bernard Hermmann - The Day The Earth Stood Still OST

The Day the Earth Stood Still is a 1951 black-and-white science fiction film that tells the story of a humanoid alien who comes to Earth to warn its leaders not to take their conflicts into space, or they will face devastating consequences. Produced in the aftermath of World War II, the start of the Cold War, and the development and use of the first atomic bombs, the film strongly and iconically addresses issues of violence, politics, and the fear of global annihilation.

The score was composed by Bernard Herrmann and is notable for its use of two theremins. The soundtrack was composed in August of 1951 and was Bernard Herrmann's first soundtrack after he moved to Hollywood. Herrmann chose unusual instrumentation the film including electric violin, electric bass, two theremin fully electronic instrument: (played by Dr Samuel Hoffman and Paul Shure), test oscillators, vibraphone, four pianos, four harps and approximately 30 brass instruments. Unusual overdubbing and tape-reversal techniques were used, as well. - Source

Year of Release: 1951
Label: Fox
Genre: Soundtrack, Movie Score, Experimental
Bitrate: 192kbps

Download: Bernard Hermmann - The Day The Earth Stood Still OST
File Size: 78MB
Movie Download: Torrent File


Anonymous said...

thank you - that's an excellent movie that I haven't seen in a while. Need to dust off my old DVD collection (hehe can't believe I just said that). Just looking at the description the sounds come right back to mind! THanks!

gclot said...

thank you - double theremin action wonderful. cool blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having these files available! This is one of the great Sci-Fi movies of all time. It also stands up quite nicely to time. 57 years and counting.

I did want to comment that the sound track that you have available, though excellent, is not the "original". It is a great reproduction, but it is not the original. Though conducted masterfully and great care was taken to make sure the arrangement was close, the mix was "off". To those that didn't grow up with this movie it may be unnoticeable. However to me it is more of a "retelling". I was a little disappointed when I first heard this CD. But only a little.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a new recording, and I've always been a stickler for original recordings as heard in the movie itself whenever possible.....the real deal is the soundtrack released by Fox in their Classics Series. Those are the actual recordings made in 1951 for the movie and are the real deal...the only way to truly appreciate Herrmann's groundbreaking score.