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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pink Fairies - Never Never Land

Pink Fairies were formed when the three musicians from The Deviants, having fired their singer Mick Farren, returned from a disastrous tour of the West Coast of North America and hooked up with Twink, formerly of the Pretty Things. These musicians had previously collaborated on Twink's Think Pink prior to the tour, and during the tour Twink, Farren and Steve Peregrin Took had used the The Pink Fairies Motorcycle Club and All-Star Rock and Roll Band name, taken from a story written by Jamie Mandelkau, as an umbrella for their activities, including one gig in Manchester.

They released 3 albums during the early 70’s, and while their true swan song, Kings Of Oblivion, is usually cited as their masterpiece, Never Never Land is nothing less than stellar. It kicks off with the misleading Do It. The album version of this tune begins with an acoustic intro than blasts into a hard punk rocker that should really be a classic radio anthem. War Girl engages in some cosmic blues rock soul with some fantastic wah-wah and a great spacey atmosphere. Say You Love Me and Teenage Rebel are more proto-punk/power pop highlights that show off the bands impressive instrumental chops which were honed at countless outside festivals. Surprisingly, Heavenly Man recalls early 70’s Pink Floyd, with slow profound drumming, dazed vocals and David Gilmour style guitar flourishes.

The band’s sound was a combination of the progressive rock scene, the earlier psychedelic revolution, proto-punk/garage rock roots, a small hint of politics, and good ole fashioned rock n roll. All these elements make the 10 minutes of Uncle Harry’s Last Freakout a joy to listen to. This is an undeniably great album from an unsung band. Never Never Land shows a vital band fighting for its life, creating some of the hardest outdoor festival music of the time. Anyone into the early Flamin’ Groovies, the Stooges, MC5, the Coloured Balls, or the Amboy Dukes should do themselves a favor and give this a listen.

Year of Release: 1971
Label: Polydor Records
Genre: Psychedelic/Garage
Bitrate: 320kbps

Track List:
1. Do It
2. Heavenly Man
3. Say You Love Me
4. War Girl
5. Never Never Land
6. Track One, Side Two
7. Thor
8. Teenage Rebel
9. Uncle Harry's Last Freak-Out
10. The Dream Is Just Beginning

Download: Pink Fairies - Never Never Land
File Size: 107MB


funkyaeroplane said...

Thanks heaps, I've been wanting to hear this for ages.

Mad Shad said...

thanks you have a great blog. you have opened me up to psychedelic stuff. love the garage stuff too.

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Welcome, my friend ..
Happy holiday week.
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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. :D

Till said...

Thanks, will try this at once.
Garage rulez.