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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brainiac - Bonsai Superstar

"An astounding blast of cohesive madness"Brainiac were an American synth-punk/ indie rock band of the 1990s. They formed in Dayton, Ohio in January of 1992 with vocalist, guitarist and keyboard (particularly Moog synthesizers) player Tim Taylor, bassist Monostereo (Juan Monasterio), guitarist Michelle Bodine and drummer Tyler Trent. On the March 12th, the band played its first show at Wright State's University Cafeteria, under the name We'll Eat Anything. After a couple of singles, they released their debut album, Smack Bunny Baby, on Grass/ BMG Records in 1993. Bonsai Superstar, now with John Schmersal on guitar in place of Bodine, followed the next year.

Whereas Smack Bunny Baby had shown Brainiac to be a band that was still developing, Bonsai Superstar is an astounding blast of cohesive madness. The band finds its voice and vision and moves light years ahead of their peers (as well as where they had been musically only a year earlier). From the opening moments of "Hot Metal Dobermans," it is apparent that listeners are in the hands of an assured, ambitious group of musicians, including the newly arrived John Schmersal on guitar. The music is far more adventurous than on the previous album, incorporating more raw noise and sound effects, and even constructing "Fucking with the Altimeter" around a series of spoken samples. But lead singer Tim Taylor is the star of this show. His combination of a Betty Boop falsetto and an Elvis-style croon on "Flypaper" is mesmerizing, and his explosive strut through "Sexual Frustration" exudes pure star power. Bonsai Superstar captures a band that was ahead of their time. In 1997 they released an electronic-based EP called Electro-Shock for President which turned out to be their last record: Tim Taylor was killed in a car accident on May 23rd, 1997, during the pre-production for their fourth album, which was due out on Interscope Records, after which the group soon disbanded.

Year of Release: 1994
Label: Grass/BMG
Genre: Experimental/Punk/Noise
Bitrate: 128kbps

Track List:
1. Hot Metal Doberman's
2. Hands of the Genius
3. Fucking With The Altimeter
4. Radio Apeshot
5. Transmissions After Zero
6. Juicy (On A Cadillac)
7. Flypaper
8. Sexual Frustration
9. To The Baby-Counter
10. You Wrecked My Hair
11. Meathook Manicure
12. Status: Choke
13. Collide

Download: Braniac - Bonsai Superstar (33MB)


Dr. Schluss said...

Ah, Brainiac! That brings back some memories of pointlessly cruising around Atlanta in my high school days.

You posted on my blog several months ago with the desire to link to me. Unfortunately I was otherwise occupied at the time, and just ran into the comment again tonight. Anyway, I've added you to my links and you're more than welcome to include me if you want to.


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Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me where I can download fucking with the altimeter? I cannot buy it anywhere and I ruined my copy of the cd?