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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Video of the Week: Paul Dateh & Inka One - Hip Hop Violin

I was considering starting another blog to feature musical content that I wouldn't otherwise post on this blog, such as music videos. I may still go through with that plan, but since I've been using the myspace profile that I created for that purpose, I'm going to go ahead and postpone that plan for the moment. However I've decided that it's time to offer a bit of variety on this blog, and I think the best way to do that would be to offer the occasional video. So starting now, I'll be posting the best videos that I've recently discovered each week. I hope that you will enjoy my selections. You can find more on the Digital Meltd0wn MySpace blog. This week's Video of the Week is Paul Dateh & Inka One performing what is simply titled "Hip Hop Violin".

Paul Dateh & Inka One - Hip Hop Violin

Paul Dateh is a classically trained musician. Although the violin is his forte, he is also considered a talented jazz artist and vocalist. He often performs a fusion classical violin and hip-hop as demonstrated in this video. Be sure to visit his websites below for more information, and free music downloads. You can find the audio from this video available for download on his myspace profile. It's the last track on the player.



Anonymous said...

Man its amazing!!
and I very like your new begining with video clips idea.
Keep on!

POGOpundit said...

i welcome this type of content with open arms! great stuff