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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Premature Ejaculation- Anesthesia

Premature Ejaculation. The mere mention of the words can make a man blush and a girl sigh with disappointment. It is two of the worst words that can ever be uttered, unless you are talking about the Rozz Williams (of Christian Death and Shadow Project fame) side project.

Those of you who are thinking Premature Ejaculation is just an extension of Christian Death, need not apply. Arguably the most unique and controversial project of Rozz Williams, Premature Ejaculation was an experimental, industrial, noise outfit that included outrageous on-stage theatrics including the eating of roadkill (a dead cat.) While not nearly as accessible as Christian Death or Shadow Project, it is worth experiencing for you Rozz fans out there.

The album I present to you is called, "Anesthesia." It is one of PE's most recognized effort. There are virtually no lyrics throughout the entire album, just nine pieces of dark ambient music. The standout tracks include: "Red," " Transillumination," and "The Most Astounding Living Monstrosity." Hopefully, this will satisfy your dark ambient craving and you will not find this Premature Ejaculation effort unfulfilling and limp. Cheers!

Year of Release: 1992
Genre: Noise, Experimental, Industrial, Dark Ambient
Label: Dark Vinyl Records

Track List
1. Salvation, Deliverance, Prayer For The Sick
2. Red
3. The Nature Of Pain
4. Partial And Complete
5. Transillumination
6. Fistula In Ano
7. Taking Good Care Of Your Fear
8. The Most Astounding Living Monstrosity
9. Ara

Download: Premature Ejaculation- Anesthesia
Download Size: 60.61MB


Psyche Zenobia said...

Nice post, Ally! I saw them years ago in San Fran. Got any more PE albums? I'd like "Assertive Discipline" or the last one that had Rozz with a mask and flag on the cover. Can't remember the name. Thanks!

Zer0_II said...

Thank you for posting this. I've been meaning to give it a listen, but never got around to it for one reason or another. Now that it is posted on my own blog I have no excuse not to listen to it.

Ally said...

@psyche...Thanks and that is awesome you got to see them live. I believe the album you speak of is "Wound of Exit." I do not have that one. I have "Assertive Discipline" in hard copy format somewhere in my containers of CDs. It is also possible it is in storage. I had to store a lot of my music in storage when I was living on campus. I have yet to remove everything from storage since moving off campus. Laziness, I suppose. I will try and track this down and post it by the end of my week, no promises though. If not for "Pride," "Sloth" would definitely be my 7 deadly sin downfall. It would be nice to one day digitize all of music but that would take months. :P

@zero...You are welcome.

Ally said...

@Psyche.. I found Assertive Discipline. Thank God it was not in storage. I will convert it tomorrow and hopefully get it up tomorrow. I hope the sound quality turns out ok. :P

Anonymous said...


That is Assertive Discipline

Anonymous said...

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Premature Ejaculation said...

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