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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rapeman- Two Nuns and a Pack Mule/ The Tear Garden- The Last Man to Fly

Many times musicians take a hiatus from their more well-known bands to create new musical experiences. Whether the hiatuses are permanent or temporary, these experiences can produce a lot of good music. I present to you a mix pack of albums by lesser known bands comprised of well-known band members.

The first album in this pack is Rapeman's Two Nuns and a Pack Mule. Rapeman was a noise punk band formed in 1987 by Steve Albini (of Big Black and Shellac fame,) David Wm. Sims and Rey Washam (of Scratch Acid.) The band's name is taken from the Japanese comic, The Rapeman, and has been the target of controversy. On a side note, I have read a few of The Rapeman comics out of curiosity and the story lines are some of the most disturbing story lines I've ever read.

This version of Two Nuns and A Pack Mule also contains the Budd EP. This album is definitely in the vein of the noise rock of Big Black with a more art-rock atmosphere at times. Album highlights include the hilarious Kim Gordon's Panties, Monobrow, and the cover of ZZ Top's Just Got Paid. While, I prefer Big Black as a whole, if you enjoy Shellac, Scratch Acid, or Big Black you will definitely dig this.

Year of Release: 1988
Genre: Noise Rock, Punk Rock
Label: Touch & Go Records

Track List

1. Steak & Black Onions (2:47)
2. Monobrow (3:45)
3. Up Beat (2:15)
4. Coition Ignition Mission (2:23)
5. Kim Gordon's Panties (4:17)
6. Hated Chinee (2:01)
7. Radar Love Lizard (1:50)
8. Marmoset (2:12)
9. Just Got Paid (3:35)
10.Trouser Minnow (4:06)
11.Budd (7:29)
12.Superpussy (2:12)
13.Log Bass (2:23)
14.Dutch Courage (2:40)

Download: Rapeman-Two Nuns and a Pack Mule
Download Size: 97.03 MB


The second album is The Tear Garden's The Last Man to Fly. The Tear Garden is a band with an odd mix of psychedelic, experimental electronic, and Gothic elements. The Tear Garden was formed in 1985 by Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots and cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy. They have often been labeled as industrial as well, perhaps because of the Skinny Puppy connection but industrial, they are not.

The Last Man to Fly was the second full-length album released by The Tear Garden and, in my opinion, their best effort. Key and Ka-Spel were joined by Dwayne Goettel of Skinny Puppy and The Silverman, Ryan Moore, and Martijn de Kleer of The Legendary Pink Dots for this album. I cannot recommend album highlights because this album is a sonic adventure that must be experienced from beginning to end. Imagine Jefferson Airplane or Pink Floyd from the future and possessed by Satan and you have a general idea of this album. If there is anything I could recommend you taking away from me during my guest blog time here, it will be this album. I also recommend if you enjoy this to check out The Legendary Pink Dots as well. I hope you enjoy.

Year of Release: 1992
Genre: Psychedelic, Electronic, Gothic
Label: Nettwerk

Track List

1. Hyperform (5:12)
2. The Running Man (8:22)
3. Turn Me On, Dead Man (6:37)
4. Romulus And Venus (6:08)
5. The Great Lie (4:49)
6. Empathy With The Devil (7:52)
7. Circles In The Sand (3:27)
8. Love Notes & Carnations (5:19)
9. A Ship Named 'Despair' (3:41)
10. White Coats & Haloes (2:19)
11. Isis Veiled (3:22)
12. Last Post (8:58)
13. 3-D Technicolor Scrambled Egg/ Trip Down The Hell Hole (With Canary) (7:10)

Download: The Tear Garden- The Last Man to Fly
Download Size: 120.89 MB


Matt said...

"...Pink Floyd from the future and possessed by Satan..."


I'm checking this'un out tonight!

Ally said...

Ha! Yeah, I would say this is my favorite album that I have posted. :)

Anonymous said...

A huge thanks for the rapeman upload ,been tring to find this for ages

Anonymous said...

yes to the rapeman upload. this site rules.

Unknown said...

I agree with Matt above.


Anonymous said...

Just listened to this- its EXCELLENT!
Thanx for the upload!