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Friday, May 30, 2008

The Warriors (1979) OST

Hello Boys and girls. For the first I want to make a little apology for my weird english. I'm Russian, so my skills in knowing english not so perfect.

Okey. Lets start. I want to thank Zero, for inviting me in guestbloggin at such cool blog. A few words about me. My name is Fill ,I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I'm 24. I'm workin in small firm by web-designer, and currently I'm at work right now.

So this is my first post. It is a great soundtrack from a great movie. Walter Hill's "Warriors" (1979).This movie is an absolutely cult classic. If you haven't seen this,
so you may be just an alien from another world. Movie is a brilliant, and soundtrack is brilliant too. Its a many cool gems here."Nowhere to Run" by Arnold McCuller is a killer. I can't just sitting when I hear this tunes, I starting to dance around my chair. Ha-hahahaha. "Love is a Fire" by Genya Ravan, is a very very strong, beautifull rock, soul, or whatever you want, its amazing song. and Desmond Child's "Last of an Ancient Breed" is an epic, marvelous, one of the great example of songwriting I ever heard. So here it is. Enjoy. CAN YOU DIG IT?

Shot on location in and around New York City's grimy nighttime subways, flaunting a virile cast of unknowns, Warriors remains a '70s cult favorite, featuring violent gang warfare and a perfectly matched movie score. Barry De Vorzon's bone chilling compositions envelop hard rock and subdisco funk with gritty apocalyptic urge. Conjuring strange film images, "Theme From Warriors," "The Fight," and "Baseball Furies Chase" are testosteroneladen instrumentals, combining sinister guitars and plodding drum work peppered with creepy sounding keyboards. Adding laidback soul texture is a smooth Mandrill rarity, "Echoes in My Mind," highlighting solid basslines popping over funky horns and catchy vocals. "In Havana," performed by Kenny Vance with Ismael Miranda, boasts deepcut ethnic spicing and seamy hornwork dressed in easy rhythms. Memorable audio clips from the mysterious female DJ informing rival factions of the Warriors' brutal clashes are placed between tracks, as well as the infamous battle cry complete with clacking beer bottles, "Warriors...ome out to playaay" The film's exhausting conclusion is forever cemented to Joe Walsh's desperate survival anthem "In the City," as our heroes walk triumphantly into a dreary Coney Island sunrise. - Craig Curtice, All Music Guide

P.S. If you haven't seen this movie, I got an .avi file over a 700mb. so ask me if you want me to upload it to somewhere.

Year of Release:
Genre: Rock, Soul, Funk, Dark Pop

Track List:
01. Barry De Vorzon - Theme From "The Warriors"
02. Arnold McCuller - Nowhere To Run
03. Kenny Vance With Ismael Miranda - In Havana
04. Mandrill - Echoes In My Mind
05. Barry De Vorzon - The Fight
06. Joe Walsh - In The City
07. Genya Ravan - Love Is A Fire
08. Barry De Vorzon - Baseball Furies Chase
09. Eric Mercury & William Smith With Johnny Vastano - You're Movin' Too Slow
10. Desmond Child - Last Of An Ancient Breed

Download: 1979-The Warriors OST
Download size: 57,5 mb


Unknown said...

Something I wouldn't have tracked down on my own, but interesting to listen to. It's certainly a trip down memory lane!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, from Spain.

I agree with you that this is one of the coolest films (and ST) in the world.

Anonymous said...

Great post Fill~
One of the best flicks ever. Don't know why anyone would ever threaten to "remake" it using the same title. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0423512/
It seems as hoaky as what they did with the "remake" to Assault on Precinct 13. They use the title and then make a crappy movie and it's really disappointing. In any case, thanks for sharing the soundtrack to one of the best!

Fill said...

Yeah, I heard about it. Its very apreciated movie for me, I'm watching for news about it. Tony Scott will be director. He is nice director, his films got a strong taste. All I heard that there will be no Swan, no Ajax, no Snow and etc. There will be LA of our days. Of course it will be not so cool like original movie, but I think its intresting.

Anonymous said...

Great film but file is cancelled!
From Italy