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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Randy Holden - Early Works '64-'67

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 11/17/2013.

I ran across this little gem over at the Garage Music blog, and I thought that I would cross post it here for Aaron since he requested Population II. The Garage Music blog is operated by a real nice guy by the name of Pablo, who does a great job over there. If you enjoy this be sure to stop by his blog and thank him for making this available.

"A nifty compilation of most of the rare mid-'60s singles that Holden played on before joining the Other Half. The two 1966 singles by Sons of Adam are solid psych-pop-punk, particularly the scorching "Saturday's Son." Those four tracks are joined by three previously unreleased Sons of Adam cuts that show an unexpected Zombies/Beau Brummels influence. The remaining six selections are by the Fender IV, including both of their Imperial singles and a
couple of previously unreleased items. It's solid surf music, highlighted by Holden's stellar w all-of-staccato reverb on "Mar Gaya" (also available on Rhino's Legends of Guitar: Surf, Vol. 1) and the propulsive (vocal) surf-Merseybeat hybrid "You Better Tell Me Now." If only it had the third and last Sons of Adam single, this would be a complete retrospective of Holden's pre-Other Half output; unfortunately, that third Sons of Adam single ("Feathered Fish"/"Baby Show the World") was the group's best, so its omission is significant. (It is available on a hard-to-find EP on Moxie that has all three Sons of Adam 45s.) Incidentally, unlike many such import compilations of impossibly obscure '60s music, this is personally authorized by the artist himself.

Amazing compilation of one of the best guitar players of the 60s...remeber that Randy was part of Fender IV (surf-rock), Sons of Adam and Other Half, before joining Blue Cheer. Not a good career ah??? This album contains a lot of great Surf-rawn-rock-music, great covers, yes, "Mr, you are a better..." its just amazing!. Some surf classics as "Highway surfer" and "Mar Gaya" among others. Highly Recommended." - Pablo

Year of Release: 1997
Label: Captain Trip
Genre: Surf, Garage, Psychedelic
Bitrate: VBR

Track List:
1. Take My Hand
2. Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
3. Saturday's Son
4. Mr. You're A Better Man Than I
5. Without Love
6. I Told You Once Before
7. You Make Me Feel Good
8. Mar Gaya
9. You Better Tell Me Now
10. Malibu Run
11. Everybody Up
12. Highway Surfer
13. Little Ollie

Download: Randy Holden - Early Works '64-'67 (decryption code in comments)

Download Size: 71.6MB


Anonymous said...

Gracias, tu blog es muy bueno.
Surf's Up
Saludos de Mexico

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. I have been waiting for this since the Ugly Things article.

Anonymous said...

Hi, could you please re-upload the tracks? The file sharing sites don't seem to be working.



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