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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Return To Wonderland

This is my final post here at Digital Meltdown. I hope you all have enjoyed having me as much as I have enjoyed posting here. I would appreciate any feedback you have about my postings here. There is a bit of a melancholy air in my tone because I have so much music to share and I feel I've only revealed a 1/10th of what I am about. This is a very nice blog here and I am sure I will come here time to time to comment and nab some great music. (I pick up a Negativland album here not too long ago. Joy! :D )My time ending here doesn't mean we cannot still talk music. Feel free to contact me, especially if you have an extensive knowledge of music @ my LastFM or MySpace page; which some of you already have or on AIM. Screen name: AllyBeingAlly.

I love learning about new music from people and sharing my finding with others. I leave you with something to remember me by: the American McGee's Alice soundtrack. It is one of my favorite soundtracks and video games of all-time. It's nice dark ambient music by Chris Vrenna (of Tweaker and NIN) Enjoy and take care! I am due for tea with the Mad Hatter in an hour.

Year of Release: 2000
Genre: Dark Ambient, Industrial
Label: Six Degrees Records

Track List

1. Falling Down The Rabbit Hole
2. Village Of The Doomed
3. Fortress Of Doors
4. Fire And Brimstone
5. Wonderland Woods
6. The Funhouse
7. Skool Daze
8. Time To Die
9. I'm Not Edible
10. Taking Tea In Dreamland
11. Fungiferous Flora
12. Tweedle-Dee And Tweedle-Dum
13. The Centipede
14. Pandemonium
15. Flying On The Wings Of Steam
16. Late To The Jabberwocky
17. Pool Of Tears
18. Battle With The Red Queen
19. A Happy Ending
20. Flying On The Wings Of Steam (Remix)

Download: American McGee's Alice soundtrack
Download Size: 65.62 MB


Matt said...

It's been great hearing your music picks, Ally! I've heard stuff from my past, and things I otherwise would not have...
Any Negativeland requests as a repay? I have most their catalog, and I'd be more than happy to upload you something!

funkyaeroplane said...

Hi Ally,

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your posts, I've had a busy week and haven't had a chance to hear it all but your comments on them interested me and I'll definitely give them a listen at some stage.


Ally said...

@Matt...I've cashed in on that favor early! Thanks for the Helter Stupid :P

@funky..Take your time. :) I understand all too well about being busy and my music to check out list grows every day.

z said...

Check out Randy Grief's 5 CD "alice" series if you like the wunderlands

HIGHLY reccomended