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Monday, February 11, 2013

Premature Ejaculation- Assertive Discipline (Now 320Kbps)

Here is another Premature Ejaculation release by request and my personal favorite Premature Ejaculation release. Originally released on cassette from the label, "The Happiest Place on Earth" in 1988, "Assertive Discipline" is one of the most pleasurable trips to a dark, isolated hell one can take. Assertive Discipline opens with "Bottling Room Part I & II," dark ambient pieces spliced with screams, horrifying gasps for air, and coughing samples. It leaves one with the feeling of being in a claustrophobe's nightmare. The creepy factor does not let up as the album moves on into "Dolls Theater," a chilling track featuring baby wails and an eerily placed rendition of "Rockabye Baby." And the track, "The Worst Hell," lives up to its title. I hope you enjoy this shared Rozz side project as much as I do, because sharing is caring!

Year of Release: 1988
Genre: Noise, Experimental, Industrial, Dark Ambient
Label: The Happiest Place on Earth

Track List

1. Bottling Room Part I (5:30)
2. Bottling Room Part II (5:45)
3. Dolls Theater (9:45)
4. Intermission (1:33)
5. Claws Of The Cat (6:52)
6. Succumb To The Struggle (1:30)
7. Did The Doctor Give You A Pill (2:15)
8. Assertive Discipline (4:45)
9. Valley Of Himiliations (5:45)
10. The Worst Hell (6:18)
11. Lame From His Mother's Womb (7:30)
12. Blind (4:25)

Download: Premature Ejaculation- Assertive Discipline
Download Size: 137.52MB
Download Size: 103 MB


Psyche Zenobia said...

Thanks for finding this one for me! Can't wait to hear it again.

Ally said...

No problem. Good luck finding the other P.E. album.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand... who can listen this? This is not music, its just a sick and dark atmospheric sounds, like a score from a horror movie. I don't believe that somebody listen it in their ipod, or at home. For what reason you may listen it? No drums, no melody..I don't understand.

Zer0_II said...

@ anonymous: The ambient scene has a VERY large following. You would be amazed at the amount of people who listen to atmospheric music with no melody or beat.

"Who can listen to this?" I think the same thing whenever I hear Nickelback on the radio. There is plenty of music out there that I just can't get into no matter how much I listen to it. It's not always up for you to understand.

Ally said...

@anonymous...Perhaps I am a sick and dark person? :P I respect your opinion but keep in mind this is Premature Ejaculation not the Beatles and I never expected everyone to easily digest this album. :P But as Zer0 said, there is a following for soundtracks and dark ambient music. To answer your question why I may listen to it, like most humans, I am very emotional. I experience high, lows, happiness, sadness, and everything in between. A lot of what I listen to depends on my mood. I appreciate your input though.

@Zer0...I don't get Nickelback either. Not sure what emotion their music is supposed to conjure up.

Zer0_II said...

@ Ally: Self-loathing perhaps?

Anonymous said...

thanx you guys for the answers. But for me it very difficult to listen this. Even a grind-core, or brutal death metal is much easier for me to listen than this :))

Anonymous said...

what on earth is on the front cover???????????????????????

Ally said...


@Anonymous-I think this is hard for a lot of people to listen to, so don't feel bad.

-As far the cover goes--I have no clue, but it doesn't look pleasant. lol

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this one, not everyone's cup of tea but much appreciated.

re: cover -- it is D&S play

Anonymous said...

Oooh, great project, I do really enjoy it. Emm, can somebody help me with links for
'Wound Of Exit' and 'Estimating the Time of Death' ? I don't know, where to find these works in my city as well as in the internet.
I'd be pleased.)


Anonymous said...

Though I'm apparently named Anonymous, I'm neither selling Viagra, wondering how anyone can possibly listen to [insert premature ejaculation] or having trouble downloading the albums you've thoughtfully provided. I merely wanted to say thanks, and mention that people who are really bothered by a piece of music will almost certainly return to it. I'd wager the "how can anyone listen to this" person will play this album at least one more time before deleting it or desperately searching people's blogs for other premature ejaculate.

The amazing thing about Roz Williams is how unembarrassing he sounds after all these years. A lot of the music from the late 80s to mid-90s is so obvious and posturing that it makes me feel submerged in a hellish universe of morons. Whereas Roz's stuff is still an antidote for that feeling.

Anonymous said...

thx yo

Cure For Premature Ejaculation said...

WOW! I didn't know there's such a genre of music.. speechless

Anonymous said...

thanks for upload, this is what I've been looking for!

Unknown said...

Thank you and great i ready star to download when finished i wanna list this EP :d thank you for uploadwind :D sooo great! and cool! greeatings from Puebla México :D

Unknown said...

Thank you :D

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